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Square Cut In Cricket – Complete Step By Step Playing Guide

Square Cut in Cricket, a perfect answer of a short pitch delivery wide to the off stumps? Is it your weak area to bat? Or you always feel right to leave these type of deliveries. If yes, then we are here to make everything easy and reliable for you, whether it would be playing a cover drive, or getting confused in how to play Square Cut in Cricket?

The first thing which will force you to get confused is when you can go for a square cut, with a perfect time, and meaningful movement of your body. And believe us, we will discuss them all, with lots and lots of details. But before doing in deep, at first, you should know, what really a Square Cut in Cricket means?

What is Square Cut?

Square Cut is a cross bat shot played on a short pitch delivery wide of the off stumps. In this type of shot, Instead of putting all of the power, the batsman waits for the ball to cross himself, then swings his bat front positioned crossed, to reflect the ball 90 degrees from its initial trajectory, and transformed all of its speed into a great and smooth Square Cut.

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When You Can Play A Square Cut?

A delivery wide to the off stumps, and short-pitched is stated to be perfect for the Square Cut in Cricket. It is also one of the relaxed shot in cricket because you don’t need to put all of your power into hitting a square cut. all you need to do is, give the angle to the ball and transform its trajectory.

Foot movements, and wrist control both have their own importance, which is discussed below.

How To Hit A Perfect Square Cut In Cricket?

Everyone knows, bowlers love to deliver the ball wide to the stumps, because in this type of delivery, batsmen always have a chance to get a thick edge, and being caught behind the wickets.

Maybe, that’s the only reason you opened up this article, to find a solution of the wide deliveries. And believe me, folks, nothing is better than going for a Square Cut at the very moment like lots of professional cricketers do.

A Square Cut played with perfect timing, will change those thick edges, to the boundaries of the offsides. And you will soon be a master in that if you follow our complete step by step guide honestly.

Steps you need to follow, to hit a Square Cut in Cricket:-

  • Step 1– Stay calm, be relaxed, and take your position on the crease. lift your bat a bit high from the ground as shown in the figure below. Concentrate on the ball, on the bowler, and be ready for the step 2, as the bowler move closer to the pitch.

  • Step 2– As bowler release the ball, lift your back foot and try to place a step back towards the wicket, but a bit forward from the trajectory of the ball. Along with the foot movements, it is necessary to move your bat on a backswing behind the shoulder for a great power build up.

  • Step 3– All of your body weight should be on the back foot when the ball moves closer, and your bat should be behind the shoulders as you are guided in step 2. Wait, and be ready for the ball, because it will only give you a complete second to perform your movement for a square cut.

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    A little bit mistake can make you caught in the off-side of the field. (Mostly at the Backward point or point field.)

  • Step 4– With a proper mindset of hitting a square cut, swing back your bat in front and try to hit the ball with cross-bat directing towards the deep point from the front of your body.
    Square Cut hitting from the straight bat, will send the bowl high into the air, which will show you the ways back to the pavilion. Remember you don’t need to give it a power, only a good angle will do the rest of the work.

  • Step 5– Action Finished. Ball has been played. But was it a perfect square cut? Because a more tip we want to add it here is, try to keep the ball on the ground, obviously for some safe purpose.
    Every batsman wants to bat more and more. And it will happen only when he or she will not make a mistake. But perfection also comes from mistakes and practices. So keep working hard on your Square Cut.

  • Step 6– The ball will go away, and your bat will follow the rest of the movements, It will swing in front, then again back of your head. And your eyes will be on that ball, going smoothly towards the boundary.

Claps. You have passed through the complete process of hitting a Square Cut In Cricket. Hope we delivered the explanable guide to you.

Nothing you can do, except practising hard and hard to bring some perfection to your square cut. We have provided you with the best six-step procedure we could deliver. And we don’t end here. Because apart from these basic steps, we have some useful tips you should keep in mind before and while playing a Square Cut.

Some Useful Tips For A Square Cut

  • Timing is everything – Try hitting the ball, exactly when it passes the batsman.
  • Cross-bat is necessary.
  • Always swing from high to low. Keep the sharp, and speed in your swing instead of power.
  • Angle given by the batsmen, to the ball, should beat the fielding positions of oppositions. So plan your timing and angle according to it. Otherwise, you can be caught at points or backward points.
  • We will not recommend you to go for a square cut if fielders are placed at above points we discussed.


This is it. But we hope it will be enough to help you and guide you through the complete procedure of hitting a Square Cut in Cricket. And you know,
practicals are needed to execute the theoretical plans. So walk to the pitch, hold the bat, and get ready to face some damn wide deliveries to the off stumps.

Our best wishes are with you, to make you achieve whatever you want to in your life through sports. Till now, try the Square Cut.

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