How To Smash In Badminton

How To Smash In Badminton?

Are you a beginner? Or you don’t know, how to smash in badminton? Just take a breath from the lots and lots of searches on the Internet, because now you are on the right page. we will show you, in how many different ways you can bring some hardness in your returns on the badminton court.

Badminton Smash Shot is the most brutal shot of this game, and if you will learn to execute it well at a great position and from the nice angle, then surely your game will reach the next level.

But before going to the main guidelines, you first need the Best Badminton Rackets For Smashing of a heavy head to bring more power in your smashes, which can be hit in many different ways, and a better flying shuttlecock to excute your techniques well on the Badminton court.

What Is Smash Shot In Badminton?

Smash is the most powerful shot in Badminton. which can unbalance the play and plans of your opponent in a single move. A speedy moving shuttle when goes down, straightly on your opponent, he or she will even not get enough time to think about the reply of your hard shot. And their mistake will make you earn the point.

but how it will be done? how to smash harder in Badminton? Just keep reading…

When You Can Play Smash?

If your opponent hit the shuttle high, on the back of your court, and you have enough time to invest it, to build up a perfect, full swing with enough power to put your rival in some serious trouble. then you should go for a smash.

In these guide, we will domenstrate you about how to smash in badminton, step by step. So just scroll down to the classifications of smashes.

Types Of Smash In Badminton?

Like Badminton Drives, Smashes are qualified as follows

Based On Technique:-

  • Forehand Smash
  • Backhand Smash

Based On Power, And Angle:-

  • Half Smash
  • Flick Smash
  • Slice Smash

Forehand Smash

When your opponent hit the shuttle high, but short, you can hit this type of smashes. the steps are as follows

  • At first, you need to go at the position on your court where that shuttle gonna land because as soon as you will reach the point, more time you will get a chance to hit hard and perfect smash.
  • Take your position, placing your feet half a meter apart, bending your knees slightly, and eyes should be on the shuttle, measuring the time it will take to come in the arc of your swing you gonna perform.
  • For the swing, raise your arm holding the racket. and bring them behind to your comfort, while free hand can be above your chin level, to provide some stability in your smashes,
  • Aim to connect the shuttle
  • And try to hit it at the highest point, which will not only bring some more power in your smashes; But also, hitting the shuttle from the middle of the bat matters equally.

Backhand Smash

The backhand smash is the top class skill of the Badminton. can only be executed properly by advanced players. Still, perfection can only be achieved by practice, so even beginners should try their hands in it. This type of smashes can only be attempted in the returns which send the shuttle high but relatively short.

  • Before attempting this master class stroke, you should practice the ways to change the grip from forehand to backhand instantly.
  • Place yourself a bit behind this time, from the landing position of the shuttle, and turned away from the net by holding the backhand grip.
  • Keep Racket holding arm close to your body, while free hand will again play an important role to provide some stability in your smashes,
  • Aim to connect the shuttle
  • Kept your grip loose on the racket, and instantly flick your wrist towards the opponent’s court as you got the shuttle right in front of your eyes, to smash it hard just a few inches above the net. (Angle should be measured before.)

What does smash mean to you? if you only think that it is hitting the shuttle with full power, full swing all the way to your shoulders, then sorry buddy you are wrong. Because, Smashes in Badminton can be customized on the basis of how much power you need to apply, on what angle based on your opponent’s position.

And here we discussed all, about how to play smash in Badminton, so have a look ahead:-

Half Smash

As the name says, smashing the shuttle with half of your strength, while the opponent is accepting a jumping forehand smash with full power.

Half Smash in Badminton will be helpful to confuse your rival or to unbalance him/her and confirm your point in the next drop shot. another profit of this type of smash is, you don’t have to put your whole power in a single shot of the game, which will give you a chance to prepare yourself from the opponent’s reply of your smash.

Flick Smash

Backhand smashes comes in this category, where you only need to flick your wrist to a proper angle, directing to a proper position in opponent’s court. And we would say, this smash is commonly used by world-class players in big super series for offensive play, because the energy consumed in this shot, is quite low. Or you can say, it is the most relaxed smash in badminton.

Slice Smash

What do you mean by a slice shot? The shot which has been played from a different angle.
Does a hard forehand smash mean anything in the game if it directly goes on the centre of opponent’s racket? Obviously not, so you need to find an angle to smash at the right place and the right time, otherwise, the energy you will apply will go up in the smoke.


These are the most common ways, how you can hit a smash in badminton. hope the info we provided above, will play an important part and help you out to hit some tricky smashes on the court.

We wrote this guide in such a manner to make it helpful even for beginners, by keeping it to the basic. We hope that the steps we provided above will help you to excute Badminton Forehand Smash, and Backhand, along with half smash, flick one and slice. It will guide you to the perfection, and take your game to the next level. So buddy, just go to the court, hold the racket in your hands, and get ready to perspire more than ever.

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Backhand Smash is one of my favourite smash with cross court angling.
During backhand smash , player need to take care of angle and hand movement , hand movement should be waviness so get more power and speed.
With pure back hand smash , player can convert the the defence position into offensive shot.

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