Drop Shot In Badminton

How To Hit A Drop Shot In Badminton?

Do you want to improve your Badminton play? Then trust me, folks, its hard without some tricky Drop shots. And for learning them, you don’t need to go anywhere. Because here, PlayersTome brings a full detailed guide about, how to hit a drop shot in Badminton to help you guys out to increase your playing level.

Before going to the further guide, we need to clarify that for making it easier to hit drop shots, you will need Best Badminton Rackets in India of a little bit heavy head. (recommended for beginners)

Without knowing anything about the drop shot, you can’t even think to learn it. So let’s start this Badminton guide with the real meaning of drop shots.

What is A Drop Shot In Badminton?

Defination of Drop Shot says, it is a soft Badminton shot which used to perform from the backcourt to the forecourt of the opponent, by aiming the shuttle just over the net.

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When Drop Shot Can Be Hit?

Apart from the soft one, you can call this shot as the most strategic shot in Badminton. And it can be hit, when your opponent is in the backcourt, or near the end line accepting a hard smash hit from your side. Or you can also use the drop shot to pull your rival on the frontcourt to make backcourt empty and to find a space to hit hard forehand smash.

Types Of Drop Shots

  1. Based On Power:-
    • Slow Drop Shot
    • Fast Drop Shot
  2. Based On Technique:-
    • Forehand Overhead Drop Shot
    • Forehand Cross-Court Drop Shot
    • Backhand Overhead Drop Shot
    • Backhand Cross-Court Drop Shot

Slow Drop Shot

Yeah, the name says it clearly. Instead of applying your full power, you only need to keep it slow, swing your racket holding hand from 30 degrees back of your shoulder, to straightly above the shoulders, at the zero degrees and provide a slow impact, force, torque whatever you like to say it, and land the shuttle on the frontcourt of your opponent. Neither sends shuttle too high, nor too low. Only try to keep it just above the net on the trajectory shown in the below figure, for slow drop shot in Badminton.

Fast Drop Shot

Just a bit faster than slow drop shot, but not too much likely close to the Drives in Badminton, your racket should move straightly from above your shoulder (at the end position of slow drop shot) to 30 degrees forward and provide a bit fast, but smooth trajectory. Try to put the shuttle on the midcourt area in front of your opponent. In this shot, the opponent will get less time to respond, and it can completely unbalance his/her play to gift you a point.

Forehand Overhead Drop Shot

Like a Forehand Smash, here are some steps to follow:-

  • As your opponent hit the shuttle high, back of your court, you will get time to hold the forehand grip.
  • Then like forehand smash, balance your body with the non-racket arm, and put some weight on the rear foot.
  • Raise your racket, and be prepared for a swing, by trying to force the opponent to think about the smash from your side.
  • Aim the shuttle
  • And swing the racket to get a momentum, and transform it into the shuttle at the point of impact maybe at some small angel a bit forward from your body.
  • Apart from keeping your swing powerless, you should keep it slow, and smooth.
  • Hitting the shuttle is always the main part of badminton, and your practice of hitting the drop shots will take you to the perfection. The main thing you always need to keep in mind is, tried to land the shuttle as much as in front or say, closer to the net.
  • You can also slice it at some angle or different directions to score a point.

Here is the video tutorial by Sikana English, to help you understand better

Forehand Cross-Court Drop Shot

What if opposition also tried to hit a drop shot? or the shuttle land mid or front area of your court? Yes, by forehand cross-court drop shot, you can reply them hard.

  • As shuttle goes to land on your frontcourt, you should step closer to the net
  • Held the forehand grip
  • Pick the shuttle from a meter height
  • And flick your racket arm, throw the shuttle away from the opponent by crossing the net at some angle. Suppose he/she standing on the right side,
    then you should slice it to the left, and just close to the net.
  • It is a point guarantee shot.

Another video tutorial for you

Backhand Overhead Drop Shot

Backhand shots in Badminton comes under the most advanced version of this game. And for playing overhead drop shot, the only thing which makes this shot different from the backhand smash is the power which should be enough to clear the net, but not too much to reach to the opponent. As close it will land to the net, chances of getting a point will increase. Steps are as follows you need to go through one by one:-

  • When you are in the frontcourt and opponent hit the shuttle to your back, and apart from hitting the forehand shots, if you feel right to go for backhand. then you should.
  • Quickly Swipe to the backhand grip as soon your opponent made a mistake of hitting the shuttle high.
  • Like backhand smash, you should step to the land point of the shuttle which you have to measure before making any move.
  • Like above drop shots, aim the shuttle, while your mind will automatically measure its speed, and guide you to take an action according to the time the shuttle will land close to you.
  • Your arms should be flicked coming all the way to your shoulders.
  • Applied only the power which is needed to cross the net and drop down on the opponent’s front area.
  • A thoughtful angle and tricky directions of backhand drop shot can make you win the point.

You can see it, for more help

Backhand Cross-Court Drop Shot

A very tricky shot, when you have less time to react, or your opponent hit the shuttle at the mid of your court. you can follow the steps are shown below:-

  • stepped into the position where shuttle gonna lend
  • Kepp your front leg bent on knees, and back one sliding on toes
  • Held the backhand grip
  • And flicked the racket to throw the shuttle just above the net, crossing at some angle.
  • Again, a point guaranteed shot.

See the video, and add something more to your techniques.

Tips Before Playing a Drop Shot

  • Flicking the wrist, or swinging the arms shouldn’t take place at the same time. Also keep your control on the swings and flicks you will make, at their angle and speed because a little bit extra power can send the shuttle wide of the court.
  • Practice to swipe the grips from Forehand to Backhand, and vice versa.
  • And the most common one, before going for a real match, practice hard to deliver the shuttle above the net, with a full control on the speed to land it just close to the net.


Hope we succeed to provide you what you were actually searching for. apart from the slow and fast drop shots, we introduced you to some tricky forehand and backhand drop shots along with some useful tips which will help you to improve Drop shot in Badminton. Remember the only thing which makes drop shots are the most difficult ones to reply because of the variations of power, some tricky angles, and directions. Believe us, folks, if you will learn to execute drop shots well, with proper timing and strength, then no one can stop you to become a real champ of your sport.

But apart from the theoretical knowledge, we provided above, applying them on the court or field is essential to be the perfectionist. So, go out, and sweat hard for some damn soft Drop Shots in Badminton.

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