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How To Play Drives In Badminton?

Planning to try some hard hit, when you can’t go for smashes in Badminton? Drive shot is another alternative for you. But do you know how to play Drives in Badminton? If not, then you should read out this article very sincerely, a step by step guide, which will not only teach you to hit drive shot but also, help you to bring some perfection in them.

Before jumping to the court, first you should know, what really Badminton drive shots are, and when you can go for it according to the position of the shuttle, of your opponent, and how much swing or power your racket will require hitting it. If you don’t have one, then go, and buy Best Badminton Racquets of a heavy head to bring more power in your drives.

Before we would go deeper, we first want to define Drive in Badminton. So, just scroll down to the defination of drive shot in badminton.

What is Drive Shot?

A hard hit shot, which makes the best shuttlecock you are using, to pass over the net in an almost horizontal path, or slightly at a down angle, is called Drives. These shots are also called, fast shuttle exchanged shot in Badminton.

When You Can Go For Drive Shot?

Badminton drives comes as an option when you wanna go for a hard hit, and the shuttle isn’t too high for a smash.

As it is purely an attacking shot, so if you will play it with a perfect speed, and angle, then it can force the opponent to return the shuttle high, which will give you enough time to go for a smash, and earn a point.

These shots are mostly played in doubles because players try to keep the shuttle low in the game, while in singles also, these shots make an impact on the game because of the variation of speed, angle, and the power.

Types Of Drive Shot?

Like Drop shots in Badminton, variation in speed of drives divides them into two types:-

1. Fast Drive – These type of shot, because of their great speed, power and flatness, can force your rival for a weak return. (usually, either they hit the shuttle high, or wide off the court.)

2 Slow Drive – Variation in the speed can be helpful based on your opponent’s position. if he/or she, is at the back of the court, then a slower drive can make you win a point. and if not a point, then surely it will unbalance the rhyme of your opponent’s shots.

Based On Techniques:-

  • Forehand Drive
  • Backhand Drive

Forehand Drive

When your opponent hit the shuttle too low for a smash, which should be above your knees, then you can play forehand drive. Here are some steps, you need to follow:-

  • Keep the forehand grip on your racket.
  • Stepped towards the landing point of the shuttle.
  • Keep your non-racket hand above the shoulder, to make a balance, And same feet behind the body slightly bending from knees.
  • Expand your racket arm to an angel, in front.
  • Gently move your racket towards the shuttle, without making opponent to guess an upcoming drive.
  • Aim it to hit.
  • And flick it hard, with some power, horizontally above the net, towards your opponent, to make him/her unbalance.
  • Remember, don’t swing your arm while hitting the shuttle, because it could go out of the court. The only flick with a great power used to be sufficient.
  • You could either bring some variation in your Drive based on speed and angle, for example – Diagonally crosscourt with slower speed can be more efficient if your opponent is in the backcourt.

Here is the video tutorial by Sikana English, to help you understand better

Backhand Drive

Preparation is always made an impact on backhand shots, and nothing big you need to do in it except practising to switch your grips from forehand to backhand and reverse respectively.

  • After adopting a backhand grip, switch your body, facing the backcourt, and your back should be opposite to the net.
  • Stepped towards the way of shuttle
  • Extend the racket arm, and same feet forward, slightly bending from elbow and knee.
  • While non-racket arm, and other feet used for a proper balance.
  • Aim the shuttle.
  • Take your racket under your non-racket arm by a backswing, and put your entire body weight on the front leg by swinging your racket forward to the highest point possible
  • And hit the shuttle back into the away court, above the net flatly. with a proper speed and at a good angle, based on your rival’s position.
  • A tricky backhand drive in badminton can put a point into your account.

This video tutorial will help you more

Tips Before Going For a Drive

  • Don’t move too close to the net, because the opponent can hit the shuttle high, back of your court.
  • Don’t swing or flick at the same time, the flick is recommended only for Forehand Drives, while Backhand Drive can only be hit by a powerful swing.
  • The position of non-racket arm and foot, is essential in the whole task, for good balancing.
  • Play Drives in Badminton, only when the shuttle is between shoulder and knees.


We hope that we could help you to figure it out about everything you were messing about how to play Drives. We collected all the data, you need to know, before going to the drive, related to a little bit introduction, when you can go for a drive shot, types, and the whole procedure to play them, including some meaningful tips you should keep in mind before going for Drives in Badminton.

Hope it will help you out, and add some uniqueness in the ways you used to hit the shuttle before today. Basically, we need to say that, smart work is sometimes better than hard one. And believe us folks, Some tricky drives will do the work for you. So, go to the court, and try some moves out there.

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