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Best Cricket Kits For Juniors – Depth Review (15 Best Of All Time)

To all the juniors, and their respected parents and guardians, are you looking for the Best Cricket Kits For Juniors, for your little champ whose tiny eyes see big dreams and want to make a career in the cricket.

From 5 years old kid to teenagers, we have completed our research, found lots of products, varieties of cricket kits for juniors, our team tried them personally, and finally, we have reached a conclusion, sorted them out and bring the best fifteen for you.


We have sorted out fifteen best Cricket kits for juniors, which are the best among all other presents in the online market. These are selected because of their features, count of items they have, comfort, design, durability, cricket kits at the lowest price and many other facts no other website will tell you.

But how will you find the best one for you, among this list of fifteen best Cricket Kits for juniors?

Of course, we will help you out with these questions discussed below 🙂

What products you are looking for in a cricket kit? like, some cricket kits have a helmet, while some come without a helmet. For which age group you are looking for? What colour and what style? And many more we will discuss as we keep going down, and reach to that one Best Cricket Kit you are looking for.


However, we treat our readers as our family, and you know what guys, no more questions should be asked in the family. Family needs advice, guidance, and some recommendations.

Before we jump to our most recommended Cricket Kits for Juniors, we would like to tell you, that if you are only looking to buy a cricket bat, then you can check our article on - Best Cricket Bats For Leather Ball, and buy the best one for you.

So, before you scroll down, and check all the best cricket kits for juniors, we have some recommendations for you. Even if you are going to buy a cricket for the first time for your kid, or younger brother, you can blindly go for these recommendations because these products are the best among the best.

Regarding age groups - SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit is best regarding its price range, as well as availability in almost every age groups.

But, this kit doesn't contain stumps and Helmet, so if you are concern for the safety for your kid, and he is playing in some big tournaments then, you can go with SG Full Cricket Kit with Bag and with Spordy Stumps which contains almost 13 items and have got amazing reviews on Amazon among other cricket kits of Juniors.

Budget friendly (Lowest Price Cricket Kit for Juniors) - SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit the number one cricket kit in our list is the most budget friendly if you are not interesting in buying a helmet contain kit.

But, if you really want Helmet in the Cricket kit, then you can go for CW Academy Cricket Kit in Blue colour available for all age groups.

Honourable Mentions - In case if you are not interested in the complete set, and just looking for a set of a cricket bat, ball and wickets for the street cricket games of your child, then click - Best cricket kits for children (Set of Bat, ball and wickets.)

But, what if you don't know how to choose a cricket kit? Don't worry, just click here - Things To Look For Before Buying A Cricket Kit.

Still, if you feel that you should at least have a look at the complete list of all the fifteen best cricket kits for juniors, then scroll down and select the Cricket kit which best suits your requirements.


15 Best Cricket Kits For Juniors

Finally, we are providing a list of all time best cricket kits for the junior level player, with the two most important features to look for. One is Cricket kits based on age group and other is number of items. The one which matches your requirements, click on the name of the product to scroll down to its complete in-depth review on Best Cricket kits available online.

Have a look -

Cricket Kit Age Groups No. Of Items
SG Kashmir Eco 6-13 years 7
SG full Kit 7 Above 13
CW Small Boys Kit 5-7 years 8
Spartan Cricket Kit 7-14 years 7
DSC Economy Kit 7-9 years 7
SG 7PCS Kit 16+ years 7
CW Academy Kit 5-13+ years 9
CW Size-6 Kit 11-13 years 8
CW Size-5 Kit 9-10 years 8
BDM Superlite 8-10 years 8
DSC Size-4 Kit 7-10 years 8
SS Kashmir Willow 7-10 years 7
SG Summer Camp 8-13+ years 7
DSC Premium Kit 9-11 years 8
CW green kit 7-13+ years 8

SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

SG Kashmir Eco Cricket kit is a good quality kit present at a reasonable price, which also makes this kit the most budget-friendly among all.

As we all know, SG is among the world's largest manufacturer company of cricket gears. So, let's have a look at the features of this masterclass item from them.

Price : ₹ 3,120 - 6,499


  • It includes all the items you mostly need except the Helmet.
  • All sizes for all age groups from 6 years old kid to 13 years old child.
  • Durable kitbag, heavy-duty nylon material is used in the bad manufacturing.
  • One of the most economical and best Cricket Kit for juniors includes a Cricket Bat (with cover), Legguard, Batting Gloves, Kitbag, Thigh Guard, Arm Guard and Abdo Guard

PlayersTome's Review:- Apart from the absence of helmet, this cricket kit is the one everyone looks for. A great quality product, budget-friendly, and availability among all age group make it special and number one in our list.


SG Full Cricket Kit with Bag and with Spordy Stumps

Another SG product which is number two in our list. This cricket kit for juniors has most items from any other kits in this list. And by including all the price, its budget is almost two-three thousand less than expected.

All items are rich in quality and low in cost, a great product for summer camp purpose or tournament uses. Have a look at the features for a more clear idea -

MRP : ₹ 7,598/- (Available with 1000+ discount)


  • With record 13 items in your kit bag. A must buy product.
  • Available for 8 years old and above.
  • Like the previous one, its Kitbag is also made from heavy nylon material
  • Extra cover from a cricket bat.
  • This must grab quality cricket kit for juniors contains SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, ball, gloves, leg pads, stumps, helmet, thigh pad, elbow pads, groin guard, bails, inner gloves, headband, and two sweat wrist band

PlayersTome's Review:-So if there is any other second thought recording this product of SG, then delete it from your mind. Because with record thirteen products in the kitbag, this cricket kit has the lowest price among all. (As per the quantity of the products)


CW Small Boys Cricket Complete Set Size No.3

Made from good quality materials, this CW Cricket kit is a perfect choice if he or she falls in the age group from 5 to 7 years.

Let's have a look at more features, and various items this kit consists -

MRP : ₹ 4599/-


  • Smallest size - Ideal for 5-7 years.
  • A perfect kit for little buddy. Most suitable for small kids.
  • Weight is about 5 kg.
  • APart from a good quality Kashmir Willow Bat (Size 3), this kit also packs in batting pads (Small Boys size), batting gloves, thigh pads, arm guard, abdominal guard, cricket helmet along with a shoulder bag and Ball.

PlayersTome's Review:-Excellent Cricket kit for juniors of age from 5 years to 7 years. Easy to handle, to carry, and provide comforts to help you your child play a better game.


Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set

Absence of helmet, still one of the most stylish cricket kit for juniors. Among all availability of sizes 4, 5, 6, its size 6 for 10 to 13 years in one of most liked among cricket lovers.

Let's have a look at the number four in our list for little champs-

Price : MRP ₹ 4500 (₹ 500 discount in normal days)


  • Available in all sizes, size 4 - 7 to 9 years; Size 5 - 10 to 13 years; Size 6 - 12 to 14 years.
  • Premium quality materials used to provide comfort, playing abilities, perfection in the drives and loft shots.
  • Cricket Kitbag consists of good quality and durable Kashmir Willow cricket bat, batting gloves, batting pads, thigh pads, arm guard, and an abdominal guard.

PlayersTome's Review:-Complete quality kit at a reasonable price, right-handed, the bat is playable with a leather ball and absence of Helmet. But if you are looking for a helmet, then you can go with the above products.


DSC Economy Range Cricket Kit Size 4

A kit with helmet, and the lowest price cricket kit among all which consists of the helmet. MRP is high, but you will get it less than 4k. Apart from lowering the price, the quality is maintained at a good standard.

Have a look at one of the most economical kits we have in the list-

MRP : ₹ 4725 (Can get in less than 4000)


  • Best quality Kashmir willow used in the Cricket bat.
  • Batting bat is designed with cane construction mechanism for maximising the shock absorption.
  • The premium quality PVC material used for the thigh pad and arm guard.
  • To make you comfortable with your grip on the bat, and providing you protection, pre-curved filled finger rolls used in the pair of Batting Gloves.
  • Idea shaped padded guard i.e. an Abdominal Guard.
  • All items such as a cricket bat, thigh pad, pair of batting gloves, arm guard, and an abdominal guard come inside a durable kit bag for a safe transition.

PlayersTome's Review:-Economical kit, which could be ideal for training and practice seasons. Availability of helmet at this low price, along with maintaining the quality of products, DSC did an excellent job here. Must buy.


SG 7PCS CRKT Cricket Kit (Multicolor)

In the great and top cricket kits for juniors, this one in our list is recommended for teenagers age above 16 years.

A great quality, 7 pieces as the name says, An honourable mention for teenager viewing this page. Buy this best out of the best product and get your hands dirty. Play hard.

MRP : ₹ 7999 (Can save from 20-30%)


  • A good quality product, only one and best among all. Must buy for teenagers in our list.
  • For the age group above 16 years.
  • Original SG products, long durability.
  • Multicolour options are available, so delivered product may not be the same as of the colour showed in the above picture.
  • A more durable sheet of the base, and nylon heavy duty tapes with extra reinforcement to provide more strength to your shots.
  • Batting gloves : high-quality foam is used for the comfort of fingers, while PVC and cotton are used in the palm side.
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Cricket Kit Bag, 1 Cricket Bat, 1 Cricket Helmet, 1 Pair Batting Pads, 1 Pair Thigh Pads, 1 Pair Batting Gloves and 1 Abdominal Guard

PlayersTome's Review:-This is the only product we included in our list of the best cricket kits for juniors, so it is the best among all teenagers choices on Amazon. A must buy, pure quality, durability, and unlimited fun inside this kit bag. Go grab it.


CW Academy Cricket Kit Blue Colour (Wheel Bag and Helmet)

Indian loves blue. We bleed blue. So a perfect coloured kit, available in all sizes, and out most recommended in the list of CW products.

Specially designed for junior batsmen players providing the premium quality, availability in all sizes from 3 to full size, and most importantly, this cricket kit is excellently created to give you unlimited confidence from the comfort and style it provides which will help the little champ to play a great knock in whatever match, competition or practice seasons.

Price : ₹ 4599 to ₹ 5199 (according to size)


  • Availability from Size 3 to 6 i.e. from the age group of 5 years to 13+
  • Incredible shots can be played from specially designed smasher Kashmir Willow handcrafted bat
  • Durable wheel bag with strong wheels and base. The extra compartment is also available for a cricket bat.
  • Quality batting leg guard pair, made of PVC material, light in weight help you to move your footwork better.
  • Premium leather and PVC used in making of Sherwood batting glovers pair. Leather in the palm area provides great grip, while all part made from PVC along with excellent mesh gusset used for ventilation with cotton filled finger rolls and thumbs.
  • Again, the lovely blue colour helmet provides full head protection comes with strong face guard.
  • Durable and waterproof leather ball.
  • Arm, Thai and Abdominal guard for maximum protection
  • Total of 9 most stylish items. Not a product to miss. Buy it now.

PlayersTome's Review:- Complete batting accessories kit which having all necessary cricket gears that batsmen need most for playing. Best product from the CW Brand. If you want to for this brand, then no need to think twice. Buy best cricket kits for juniors.


CW Cricket Junior Complete Set, Size - 6

Another product for the juniors in our list, with a specific size, i.e. 6, it is for the age groups 11 to 13-14 years. Let's have a look at more features-

MRP : ₹ 5099/- (can get upto 10% discount)


  • Kids of age 11 to 13-14 years, height should not be more than 5 feet 5 inch.
  • Premium quality materials are used.
  • It contains all things shown in the picture and one Cricket ball is being provided as complimentary with this Kit
  • BAT can be used for playing with leather as well as a tennis ball.
  • The Cricket kits bag contains - A Kashmir willow cricket bat, batting gloves of good quality and comfort, batting pads, protective helmet, thigh guard, arm guard, and abdominal guard as the protective gears. Total of 8 items inside the kit bag. (one ball free)

PlayersTome's Review:- CW, a great brand, focus on quality and quantity. Some complaints are registered about the poor quality of zips of the kit bag.


CW Junior Cricket Complete Set, Size - 5

A great gift for your 9-10 years old child, again from the CW brand with great quality, and all gears a batsman need to bat well and improve his/her performance.

MRP : ₹ 5099/- (can get 10% discount or more)


  • Brand of CW is known for providing better quality materials for product constructions.
  • Short Handle Kashmir Willow Bat having a long mid blade, curved Toe, strong built up and designed as saravak cane handle
  • Durable nylon used in making of the Kitbag.
  • Extra cover for the cricket bat.
  • Can be played with Leather ball as well as a tennis ball.
  • Seller provides wind ball with this kit.
  • Weight of the kit is about 5.5 to 6 kg.
  • This cricket kit bag contains a total of 9 items, Leather bat, Batting pads, Batting gloves with leather palm, helmet, thigh pad, arm guard, a wind ball, abdo guard and backpack.

PlayersTome's Review:- For the lovers of CW brand, here is our recommendation for your 9 to 10 years old junior. Some complaints we are getting about again the zip of the kit bag. Otherwise a perfect buy. Seller's response is very good.


BDM SuperLite Cricket Kit for youth

Available in size 4 which is ideal for 8-10 years. BDM Superlite Complete Kitbag for youth is moderate in quality, and there is also no helmet in the kit.

MRP : ₹ 4,470/-


  • Backpack styled kitbag is made of heavy-duty nylon material.
  • Extra bat cover is available.
  • Kashmir willow used in the manufacturing of Cricket bat.
  • The bat is suitable for the leather ball. Durable also.
  • This cricket kit for juniors includes cricket bat, a leather ball, leg guard, a pair of batting gloves, thigh guard, arm guard, Abdo guard and the kitbag itself.

PlayersTome's Review:-If you can have options like SG, SS, DSC, and CW in the list, then what is the point to go for this cricket kit. Yup, stylish and designs attracted you then you can go and check this product out. We will recommend going for any of the above products.


DSC Complete Kit with Helmet Cricket Kit Size 4

Those from the family of my lovely readers who were searching for a complete kit in their favourite brand DSC. Here it is, available in size 4, the age group from 8 to 10 years old.

MRP : ₹ 5999 (more than 10% discount)


  • Cricket bat made of best quality Kashmir willow.
  • Polypropylene outer shell is the specialisation of this protective helmet.
  • Batting pads designed for maximum shock absorption.
  • Thigh pad, Arm guard made of high PVC material.
  • Batting gloves provide better control, great flexibility, and nice grip along with comfort.
  • Traditionally shaped Abdominal guard.
  • This best cricket kit for juniors contains 1 bat, 1 helmet, 1 pair of batting leg guards, 1 thigh pad, 1 pair of batting gloves, 1 abdominal guard, 1 arm guard and Packed with DSC Kit Bag.

PlayersTome's Review:- Folks, do you know why we like DSC products? Because they maintain rich quality at a low price. Best choice for training and practising purpose. No drawbacks. A Perfect cricket kit to buy for 8-10 years old.


SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Full Kit

The brand and name, SS is very familiar with cricket. Only the absence of helmet brought this kit down, other it is also one of the best cricket kits for juniors.

SS cricket gear is virtually made by cricketers for cricketers because the company's R and D team also has access to a panel of well-known first-class and international cricketers. They maintain good quality at a reasonable price.

Price : ₹ 4960


  • Available at size 4 for juniors players. From 8-10 years old.
  • SS Josh Kashmir Willow Bat of good quality.
  • Durable kitbag made of nylon.
  • Absence of Helmet.
  • One and only in our list from the brand SS. The best product for a reason - the best quality.

PlayersTome's Review:- Are you looking at the number it is brought down in the list. It is only because of the absense of helmets, the number of items in the kit and variety of sizes available. Otherwise, it is a product to try. You will not be upset. A real product from SS.


SG Summer Camp Kashmir Cricket Kit for All Ages

Another master class product from SG to have a look on. availability on all sizes. But the absence of the helmet in the kit. Best cricket kit for beginners to give it a try. Really, if you are a beginner, then this one is for you because this is the lowest price cricket kit.

Here are more extra features you can check out:-

Price : ₹ 3,508 - ₹ 5,299


  • Available in all sizes, size 3 - from 6 to 8 years old, size 4 - from 8 to 10 years, size 5 - 9 to 12 years, size 6 - from 11 to 13 years old kid and the full-size kit is for age 14 years or above.
  • Available in four colours - Black/Grey, Green/Black (shown in the picture above), Navy/Red, and Navy/Green.
  • Kitbag is made of heavy-duty nylon material.
  • Extra cover for Kashmir willow cricket bat.
  • Comes with a leather ball to start playing at the moment you receive it.
  • This Cricket Kit Includes Cricket bat (with cover), leg guard, pair of batting gloves, durable kitbag, protective thigh guard, arm guard, and an Abdo guard along with a complimentary leather ball.

PlayersTome's Review:- Best product for beginners because you will get it at a reasonable price. And quality is good, all accessories are original from the SS brand. Start playing now, and get into your district, state or IPL team. Chase your dreams with this first kit you should buy in your career.


DSC Premium Complete Kit with Helmet, Size 5

Size 5 exclude other age options, only from 9 to 12 years old juniors can go for this kit from DSC. it consists of all accessories need to a batsman. Check it out.

Price : ₹ 6079/-


  • Best quality Kashmir willow cricket bat.
  • Protect high impact resistant polypropylene outer shell helmet.
  • Batting pad reduces shock and helps you running better between the wickets.
  • Premium quality PVC used in making Thigh pad, and arm guard.
  • Traditionally designed Abdo guard.
  • Comfort pre-curved filled finger rolls and PVC on palms help you to get a better grip on your shots.
  • Cricket kit consists of 1 bat, 1 helmet, 1 pair of batting leg guards, 1 thigh pad, 1 pair of batting gloves, 1 abdominal guard, 1 arm guard and Packed with DSC Kit Bag.

PlayersTome's Review:- The high cost pulled this amazing kit down in the list. Also, some complaints about batting gloves is received. If your kid belongs to 9-10 years age group, then you can go for CW, or SG kits listed above.


CW Sports Green Coloured Cricket Kit

Available in size 4 (from 7-8 years), size 5 (from 9-10 years), size 6 (11-12 years), and full size for age groups above 13 years old.

Specially designed for Practice, Training, School, Club Matches Cricket kit has lots of features to look on

Price : ₹ 4,499 - ₹ 4,799


  • Best Quality, stylish, giving a feeling of some kind of T20 league from its design and colour.
  • Kashmir Willow cricket bat with imported Singapore cane having good pickups and balance.
  • Striker lag guards pads made from low-density PVC, and low-density foam, extra instep PVC added for protection on the top hat.
  • High-quality leather, and sponge used in batting gloves to provide you with better grip and comfort to your fingers. And mesh line for the thumb for ventilation.
  • Best quality Junior Backpack Green shoulder kit bag, arm guard, thigh guard, abdominal guard and a cricket helmet.
  • Meant to play with a leather ball.
  • It is right-handed, but they can customize to left one. So message them when you bought it.

PlayersTome's Review:- Most stylish, better quality 9 components in the kit. No problem buying it. It will help you in every way.


Best Cricket Kits For Street Play

Apart from the 15 Best Cricket kits for juniors, if you are looking for the set of just Cricket bat, a ball, and wickets to improve the game of your child in the evening seasons at park or streets.

Here are five best recommendation regarding best cricket kit for street play, you can have a look on -

Name Size Items
Sunley Wooden Cricket Kit Combo All Sizes Bat, Tennis ball, Wickets, Wicket-base, Bails, Kitbag
Wasan Cricket Kit Size- 5 (10-16 Years) Bat, 4 stumps, base, bails, 1 felt cricket ball, bag
ROXAN Plastic Kit Size - 5 Bat, 3 stumps, base, bails, ball
Junior Combo Wooden Cricket Kit Upto 10 years old Bat, 3 stumps, base, bails, ball
RPM store Junior Combo Cricket Kit Size - 5 Bat, 3 Wickets, Bails, Ball

These all are the best cricket kits for kids available online. We have searched them, researched till the depth to find their do's and don'ts, and sorted fifteen out of thousands available online.

Buy the one you liked the most, and gift it to your child to experience the ultimate joy on his/her face. And make them practice hard if you want them to make into some big tournaments.


Things To Look For, Before Buying A Cricket Kit

  • Size According to Age Groups

    The must, and very important factor to look for. Here is the size chart which will help you choose the cricket kit best fits you.

    Size Age Groups Player Height
    1 4-5 years Less than 4'3"
    2 5-7 years 4'3" - 4'6"
    3 7-8 years 4'6" - 4'9"
    4 9-11 years 4'9" - 4'11'
    5 10-12 years 4'11" - 5'2"
    6 11-13 years 5'2" - 5'4"
    H 12-14 years 5'4" - 5'6"
    SH 15+ years More than than 5'6"
  • Quantity of Items

    The number of items you are getting in the kit is a very important factor to have a look on. Some kits contain a helmet, while some not. Some even have wickets and keeping accessories which are designed for tournament purpose, while most of the kits come with only batting kits.

    It all depends on your requirements, that what you are looking for, what items you want to include in the kit, and what's not. So carefully analyse the entire article, find your needs and buy the kit which best suits you.

  • Quality of Items

    Apart from the quality, focus on the quantity is more essential. Better quality at good price, durability, and sufficient items in the kit is called an ideal kit to buy. We have described the quality of the products every kit has. So read them, and finalize your cricket kit for kids.

  • Style And Colour

    Kids love colours. And especially which suits their playing style. The favourite colour motivates them and becomes lucky for them if they started to score some runs. So, as a gurdain, we think that you should know about your kids choice. If not, then find them, and place your order for cricket kit accordingly.

  • Budget Friendly

    Most stuck here. They look for quality, for the quantity, for colours but sometimes, it doesn't fall in the budget. So we have already mentioned some budget-friendly product at the very starting for this article. They are of good quality, good brands, and will definitely match your little champ's styles. Scroll up, and have a look.



This was it, another in-depth article on best cricket kits for juniors. Hope it has helped you to sort out one best cricket kit for kid which suits and match all of your requirements.

From the very start, when we showed you two most important factors to check out in a tabular form. Then out of these 15 best cricket kits for juniors, we recommended you the best according to quality, quantity, and budget access.

We latter expressed all the details, and in-depth review gave our personal opinion about that cricket kit and tied everything to help you choose one best cricket kit for your child.

Hope this article helps you. Still, if you have some queries or want some more advice from our expert team, or just want to drop feedback, then scroll down to comment section below. And have your say. It will be our pleasure to listen to something from our lovely readers.

For staying updated for more articles like this, or sports gossips, live events, news, biographies, subscribe to our newsletter and become a permanent member of our family.

We will soon come with another article, till that, have a good purchase, and enjoy your sport, and life as well. Bye, See you soon.

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