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How To Play Cover Drive In Cricket?

Like every first class of any Cricket coaching, here also, we are trying to deliver you some useful tips on how to play Cover Drive in Cricket with each and every minor fact about the cover drive with some interesting tips you should keep in consideration. So sit back, behind your screen with a cup of tea, and enjoy this entire article.

Before going into more details, at first, you need to know what really cover drive is? when you can go for it according to the position of the ball, fielders, and much more needful facts related to the Best Cricket Bat You Can Own, ball, and the angle to play this shot. So, without anything more description, let’s jump to the manual.

What is Cover Drive?

Cover Drive in Cricket is the most stylish and well-timed shot played through the covers on a wide to off-stumps delivery with a little bit of footwork, and wrist movement we will discuss below.

When We Can Play Cover Drive In Cricket?

A full delivery outside off stumps is called the perfect one to go for a cover drive. Other delivery by a fast or medium-fast bowler outside off stumps,
with not enough bounce, can be good to play cover drive in cricket. Basically, it is an off shot, so needed to hit on off deliveries.

How To Play Cover Drive?

Apart from being the most attacking shot, Cover Drive in Cricket is the safest one also. It is the stroke, plays down the ground by hitting the ball just outside the off stump on an almost full delivery. It is used to call the most eye-pleasing shot in the history of cricket if it would be executed well, with proper timing and wrist movement.

Everyone who loves cricket, loves the cover drive whether it could be played by master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Sourav Ganguly, Mark Waugh, Damien Martyn, Michael Vaughan, Brian Lara, and Herschelle Gibbs. These names you have just read it out, are known for their most classical cover drive in cricket history.

For you, we would say, don’t worry, because it’s never too late, and everything comes from the practice, even perfection also. It can be either me or you, who can reach the almost perfection in the cover drive. And for it, we, PlayersTome, are going to put a detailed step by step guide about, how to play cover drive in Cricket with some needfull factors and things to look while playing a cover drive.

So without anything more, let’s start it out, right here, and right now.

Here are some useful steps, you need to follow while hitting your first cover drive shot in cricket, and being the master in it:-

  • Step 1– Keep your body relaxed, stay calm, and take your position on the crease. Eyes should be on the bowler, on the bowl, while lifting your bat a bit high for a swing to hit the ball with enough power.

  • Step 2– Measures speed, angle, and length of the delivery. If it is a full one, just outside the off stump, and then you can plan to go for a cover drive. Doe this stroke, you need to put your front foot forward towards the trajectory of the delivery. and raise your bat in a backswing to a little bit more angle.

  • Step 3– Put all of your body weight on the front foot, bent it from knee to incline more towards the delivery, and bring your bat down with a swing by aiming at the ball. Keep your bat straight, otherwise, you could be caught at some point, or the ball will not go to the covers.

  • Step 4– It is one of the most important steps you should follow very carefully. Because in this step, your bat will touch the ball, and you all know folks, what are the different things that can happen in cricket when you touch the ball? In this type of shot, a miss timed cover drive can generate a thick edge, and make you caught behind in the slips. Or a perfect time and well-placed cover drive can earn you four runs straight to the boundary. So keep trying until you get the perfection.

  • Step 5– Yet another important step, when your bat will go along with the ball to a specific angle swing, to provide enough power and movement to your cover drive. Remember, if the power, as well as the angle of swing, will be more, then your ball will go high in the air, and you can be caught at the cover itself.

  • Step 6– Let the bat go along the swing, above your head to let it complete the rotation which started from the step 2. And you can enjoy this moment, watching the ball, rolling on the ground, going speedily towards the deep cover, for a marvellous four-run to add them to your scoreboard.

Yes, these are the basic steps you need to follow to hit a beautiful cover drive in cricket. Hope we got succeed in delivering a great and understandable tutorial to make you help in what you were actually searching for. We also have some useful tips you can take to the home, kept in mind to avoid mistakes, and being a perfectionist in the cover drive.

Tips Before Going For a Cover Drive?

  • You should be focused on hitting the ball along the ground.
  • Timing matters. If you will hit the ball too early, it will go high into the air, and a late cover drive can result in a thick edge behind the wickets.
  • The ball should be hit with a straight bat.
  • Remember that you can’t hit a perfect cover drive in a single try, you need lots and lots of practice.


Apart from being a sports website, we hope that we delivered the best guide to you about how to play cover drive in cricket. But things didn’t start from it, it will start from the pitch when you held the bat, aim the ball, and being the perfectionist in hitting the cover drive. We will wish you all the best for your practice, and upcoming games with some tips you should look on before hitting the cover drive, which were discussed by us in the above section.

So, we will take a leave from here, but you shouldn’t stop learining, just click on, Square Cut In Cricket, and learn another cricket shot, and take your game ahead in the next practice session.

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