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Everyone who is professional in Badminton or loves to smash every evening needs best and long lasting shuttlecock. And you can assume that we made everything easy and friendly for you. After lots of research to review the best Yonex shuttlecock available online, we brought out top fifteen shuttlecocks including other brands as well, from keeping their material classification i.e. nylon and feather, to the playing level, age group and lots of more features you should have a look on.

A shuttlecock should fly, should be on the planned trajectory to earn the much-needed points in your every game. Also, its long life, speed, proper balance and colour to match with your style was kept in mind when this list about best badminton shuttles online available till the date of today, was made by our team.

According to our most recommendation, if you are at the beginner level of your game, then you should go for the Nylon shuttlecock because of their long and healthy life. This type of shuttlecock will help you to establish a proper balance and angle in your shot, and also they will handle the more brutal and non-technical shots you can hit at the initial stage of your game.

So, for all the beginners reading this article, we included Best Seven Yonex Nylon Shuttlecock out of thousands available online. Still, even from those seven best nylon shuttlecocks, we recommended you to buy, Yonex Mavis 10 Nylon Shuttlecock which is top on our list.

And if you are a little bit expert on your game, then you can go for the feather shuttlecocks which don’t have a long life at all. they were used by professional players, and have better speed, balance, and great flying technique than nylon shuttlecocks. We discussed lots of more features and difference in between nylon and feather shuttlecock at the end of this article.

For now, you should know, that we will not recommended any starter to buy the feather shuttles which are not too durable. Because it will be a waste of your money. Before using feathers, you need to master your techniques.

So the shuttlecock with high durability, which got more ratings, and positive feedback from the regular users, is Yonex Aerosensa Feather Shuttlecock in our recommended one and too good for expert Badminton players.


15 Best Yonex Shuttlecock Available Online


Finally apart from our recommendation, if you want to go deep into the detailed features of selected shuttlecocks from the thousands available online,
then you have to click on the name to scroll down to its full description, where we included lots of technical aspects like speed, power, balance, weight, material, playing environment, and more. We included best shuttlecock for Indoor and outdoor play as well. So have a look-

These features will help you out to find the most suitable shuttlecock for you. So here is the most awaited list:-

Shuttlecock Type Box Contains(No. of shuttlecocks)
Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon 6
Yonex Mavis 03 Nylon 6
Yonex Mavis 200i Nylon 6
Yonex Mavis 500 Nylon 6
Yonex Mavis 300 Nylon 6
Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon 6
Flink F1 Grade Nylon 6
Yonex Aerosensa 2 Feather 12
Li-Ning Strike Speed 76 Feather 12
Li-Ning A+62 XD Feather 15
Yonex Aeroclub Tr Feather 12
Yonex Aerosensa Feather 12
Li-Ning Champ Feather 12
Gyronax Fly Queen Feather 10
SMT Shuttlecock Feather 10

Another thing which needs to be considered whenever you, we or anyone of us go for buying a product, and it is, “Budget”.

The product you buy should be budget friendly. Like you decided to go for nylon shuttlecock, then yet again our favourite one, Yonex Mavis 350 is found the best in-budget shuttlecock on amazon.

While excellent feathers shuttlecocks are found above 1000 bucks in the markets, still if we talk about the budget, then Li-Ning Champ Feather Shuttlecock is the one, you can go for. This shuttlecock is found cheaper with too much good feedbacks.

It was some useful discussion of budget-friendly shuttlecocks and most recommended ones, now let’s have a look at the complete detailed list of the best Yonex shuttlecock present today:-

Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Shuttlecock

Another shuttlecock from mavis series has quality flying characteristics almost close to the feather shuttlecocks. and have almost similar specification as of Mavis 10. Still, some more features were noticed by our team, which makes it another very good product from Yonex.

Price : ₹ 725 – ₹ 2,090


  • Apart from the white and yellow colour, this shuttlecock is available in the green and blue cap which are the signs of slow and medium speed respectively.
  • Flying characteristics are almost similar to feather shuttlecocks.
  • The same recovery time as of Mavis 10, i.e. 0.02 seconds.
  • Mavis shuttlecock are designed according to the temperature variations in different places. for example – people living in 22 degrees to 33 deg. centigrade should go for the green cap, while those who were living in 12-23, and 0-13 deg. centigrade should buy blue and red cap shuttlecock respectively.
  • Material – Nylon.
  • Pack of 6 shuttlecocks in the box contents.

PlayersTome’s Review:-A perfect stability, good flying performance and accuracy make it sometime better than other nylon shuttlecock. An amateur, or initial level players can buy it. and perform even in the major school or college level tournaments. Durable, and suitable for Indian climate. (Summer – Green cap is better, while in winter, blue cap will deliver better performance.)

Yonex Mavis 03 Green Cap Nylon Shuttlecock (Yellow)

The Yonex Mavis 03 green cap is a great option for practice matches with a better flight performance, defined and swift movements, these shuttlecocks you can count in some perfect ones for their slow, medium and fast speeds.

Price : ₹ 469


  • Tube cap colour is green, i.e. slower speed but a better flying pattern makes it unique from other nylon shuttlecocks.
  • Shuttlecock’s colour – yellow.
  • The recovery time is again 0.02 seconds.
  • Strong and sturdy, with Enhanced durability of up to twenty matches or sometimes more (depends on players)
  • Because of the precision accuracy of this shuttlecock, even professional players use it mostly even while preparing for big games.
  • Material – Nylon.
  • Inside the Box – Pack of 6 shuttlecocks.

PlayersTome’s Review:- A very good product for beginners, intermediates, and even for some expert players out there. Even in outdoors, its flying pattern remains to stick to its design, due to some almost similar quality as of feather shuttlecock. And more importantly, it is more durable even in the rough and hard smashes. A must buy product.

Yonex Mavis 200i Nylon Shuttle Cock

four to five times more durability, close-to-feather flying movement, and good recovery time (almost 0.0005 seconds slower than Yonex feather shuttlecock) forced us to include this shuttlecock in our top seven list.

Price : ₹ 479


  • Nylon is used as skirt material.
  • Designed precisionally for great flight performance.
  • Slow speed is measured.
  • Comes in Yellow color.
  • Weight is about 200 grams.
  • Long durability, last long even after thirty rough and smashed full Badminton matches.
  • Inside the Box – Pack of 6 shuttlecocks.

PlayersTome’s Review:- Because of its long durabily than expectations, it is very good for beginners and kids because of its slower speed which will give them a proper time to get perfection in their drop shots, smashes and drives.

Yonex Mavis 500 Nylon Shuttlecock (White)

All the badminton lovers out there, Yonex is your brand, and it always brings new products with some excited features. Also in this shuttlecock, which is white in color and slower in speed, the nylon desing makes it perfect for indoor games. A beginner level player doesn’t need to think twice. Go, you can buy it.

Price : ₹ 885 – ₹ 1,335


  • The colour of tube cap is green, thus speed is slower than other shuttles.
  • White in colour.
  • Ideal for practice sessions.
  • The material used is Nylon.
  • Should be kept at moderate temperature.
  • Like entire mavis series, the flying pattern is close to feather shuttlecocks.
  • It is also durable, but less than other nylon cocks we described above.
  • Included six shuttlecocks in the Box.

PlayersTome’s Review:- This shuttlecock will take time to adjust to its normal flight trajectory, but once it will all set to follow the desired path, you will experience the real fun of smashes, and drop shots like the feather shuttlecocks. Too good for intermediate players. Beginners, you have the better options above.

Yonex Mavis 300 Nylon Shuttlecock

Better performance than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock, the same recovery time of 0.02 seconds, and Mavis pattern design to achieve almost close flight performance as of feather shuttlecocks, makes no difference in Yonex Mavis 300 Shuttlecocks.

Price : ₹ 749 – ₹ 1,809


  • Two tube cap colours are available, i.e. blue and green. That’s why, two types of speed variations you can experience. Slower will the green-capped,
    and blue tube cap shuttlecock will have a medium speed to the land of opponent’s badminton court.
  • Available in white and yellow colour.
  • Due to its design close to feathers, this shuttlecock can be used in outdoor games.
  • Material – Nylon.
  • Like all nylon shuttlecocks, the hardness of its skirt varies with the temperature. Colder the environment will be, hard and less durable will be the skirt.
  • Recovery time – 0.02 seconds.
  • Six shuttlecocks will be delivered with good packing by Amazon.

PlayersTome’s Review:- Blue capped are highly recommended for outdoor play because of their great speed while green capped can be used even in indoor major badminton tournaments. Good durability, excellent flight performance, and original verified product from Yonex. Another Must buy for beginners.

Yonex Mavis 2000 Green Cap Nylon Shuttlecock

The WING RIB design of this shuttlecock utilizes the air flow and restore the shuttlecock on impact, which results in stable flight, and better movement on the desired path. That’s why this shuttlecock will almost give you a feel like a feather shuttlecock.

Price : ₹ 1,300 – ₹ 1,415


  • Green tube cap, and slow proper speed.
  • Only one colour availablility – Yellow
  • A mavis shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds.
  • Material – Nylon.
  • Durablility is less due to better flying performance.
  • Great for daily practice seasons.
  • Weight is about 10-20 grams.
  • Six shuttlecocks in the Box.

PlayersTome’s Review:- If you want to take a feel of feather shuttlecock even in outdoors, then Yonex Mavis 2000 yellow shuttlecock is highly recommended for you. Must buy for an intermediate player.

From all the above Nylon shuttlecocks, this one have the better flying performance than all. Actually, the thing is that, whenever you will go high in numbers from mavis 10, mavis 200i, mavis 300 to mavis 2000, flying pattern will go almost similar to feathers shuttles.

Flink F1 Tournament Grade Nylon Shuttlecock

Presenting Flink F1, Tournament Grade Nylon Shuttles which offer Accurate Flight Performance similar to high end feather shuttles. The cork base completely made of 100% Natural Portuguese Cork when combined with Superior Quality Nylon Skirt the shuttle offers Faster Recovery Time and is more Durable than most of the shuttles in the market.

Price : MRP ₹ 899


  • ACCURATE FLIGHT PATTERN – Flight of feather and Durability of the nylon engineered together to provide best performance.
  • 100% NATURAL PORTUGUESE CORK – Natural cork with a protective leather lining gives a great feeling when striking the cork.
  • 5x MORE DURABLE – Shuttles getting damaged with few games? Don’t worry now as Flink F1 is made with superior quality nylon which makes it 5 times more durable than the nylon shuttlecocks in the market
  • FASTER RECOVERY TIME – How fast the shuttle stabilizes after a shot with least wobble is very important to play a good game. Flink F1 shuttles have been aerodynamically customized for Indian conditions recovering the fastest amongst all nylon shuttles when played in India

PlayersTome’s Review:-Flink has been the ability to put a smile on the faces of players who have been playing the game since childhood. Perfect and long lasting shuttlecocks for tournament purpose because of their high durability.

Yonex Aerosensa 2 Feather Shuttlecocks

When it comes to professional shuttlecocks, they need professional players to take care of themselves. this shuttlecock is also one of them, a must buy product for intermediate or expert badminton players.

Price : Under ₹ 1590


  • Material type: Feather
  • Color: White
  • Made of cork goose feathers which are 100% solid in nature.
  • Great flight pattern if they will be hit well, exactly in the center or not too wide of it.
  • Durability depends upon the playing style, the way you hit the shuttle. Obviously cleaness in your shots will increase the life of these cocks.
  • Suitable for outdoor play and big tournaments.
  • 12 shuttlecocks included in the box.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Great flight and excellent control on the shuttlecock during games, makes it perfect for any competetion, while in indoor games also, they will be last long.

Li-Ning Strike Speed 76 Feather Shuttlecock

The digit 76 in the name of this shuttle, is directing towards its speed measurement. Soft duck feathers are used in the construction of this shuttlecock which will add more positiveness in the flying pattern of this shuttle.

Price : Under ₹ 1490


  • Duck Feathers are used as main material.
  • Color: Natural White.
  • Light in weight.
  • Great flight pattern if they will be hit well, excatly in the centre or not too wide of it.
  • Durablity is up to 4 matches with 21 points.
  • Big tournaments, and in much outdoor play, this shuttle can be used frequently.
  • 12 shuttlecocks will be delivered in a packet.

PlayersTome’s Review:-IF you are the beginner or intermediate player, and wanna try a good shuttlecock,
then go, and buy it. It is best for summer, while in the winter season, you feel the hardness in the skirt and lack of balance in the flight. But still, it is a must buy for those who love to play big games, outdoor and indoors as well.

Li-Ning A+62 XD Feather Shuttlecock

The Developers say, it is made from finest quality material to achieve high performance and great flight. A must-have for all badminton lovers and players at an intermediate stage.

Price : Under ₹ 1,990


  • Made of Duck Feathers, white in colour.
  • These shuttlecocks are used officially by China’s badminton national team.
  • Speed is measured about 77.
  • Either you are the aggressive player, or loved to play defensive shots, this feather shuttlecock is said to be perfect.
  • Smartly designed by keeping some aerodynamic facts, to achieve great performance.
  • Big tournaments, and in many outdoor plays, this shuttle can be used frequently.
  • 15 shuttlecocks In one ordered packet.

PlayersTome’s Review:-It is a perfect product for intermediate players, but if you are a professional one, then we will recommend you to buy, Yonex Aerosensa. Overall its design, performance, feather quality, excellent speed, basically just perfect for club matches. and everyday practice of your game.

Yonex Aeroclub Tr Feather Shuttlecock

Feather shuttlecocks by YONEX are precision-manufactured just to gain the correct speed in proper time duration, to travel an exact distance and to achieve stability during performance in different environments and temperatures. This great design delivers an exceptionally well and fast recovery with awesome stable trajectory.

Price : Under ₹ 1,375


  • It is said to be ideal for Big tournaments as well as practice seasons.
  • Duck feathers and composite cork are used as main material.
  • Apart from the white colour, because of a blue tube cap, the speed measured is at medium level.
  • Length – 4cm ; Width – 4cm ; Height – 16 cm.
  • More Durable than Li-Ning shuttlecocks.
  • Great flight performance, fast recovery and good quality packing.
  • 12 shuttlecocks will be delivered in a single packet.

PlayersTome’s Review:-If you talk about the Badminton and you don’t see Yonex accessories around,
its almost not possible. Another brillian product from Yonex is for those players who used to participate in big tournaments. More durable than other feather shuttlecock makes it a great product for long and hard games.

Yonex Aerosensa Shuttlecock

An exceptional durablity for longer than three damn tough games, makes it perfect to buy. Also a little bit heavy weight of this shuttlecock help it to fly better than the lighter ones.

Price : Under ₹ 1,590


  • Material: Feather.
  • White in colour.
  • Blue tube cap colour. Medium flight speed measured.
  • Weight is about 454 grams.
  • More Durable than any other feather shuttlecocks.
  • Satisfied quality and flying performance
  • Pack of 12 shuttlecocks in a packet.

PlayersTome’s Review:-The best thing about this shuttle is – Durability. It means, if you are searching the most durable feather shuttlecock, then go and buy it.

Li-Ning Champ Feather Shuttlecock

One of the established sports firms, Li Ning made their mark in the sports of rackets and shuttles by producing many amazing gears of badminton. And this product is the best at this price, that’s why we included it in our budget friendly product.

Price : Under ₹ 1,580


  • Speed is measured is about 76.
  • High-quality feathers are used as the main material.
  • Too good for intermediate and advanced level players.
  • Less durable than Yonex shuttles.
  • Good quality shuttlecocks at an affordable price.
  • Great flying performance, as well light in weight.
  • 12 shuttlecocks are included in the pack.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Apart from the characterstics almost similar to Yonex shuttles, Li Ning champ shuttlecocks are less durable. they can only be last up to 2 rough games. But still, they are best at their price.

Gyronax Fly Queen(Wooden corck) Shuttlecock

GYRONAX Feather shuttlecocks with wooden corck are precision-manufactured to ensure the correct speed, distance and stability performance in different temperatures and environments. Their precise design delivers an exceptionally fast recovery and stable trajectory.

MRP : ₹ 899


  • Made with superior quality of material
  • Wooden cock
  • Best for all age groups.
  • Perfectly made for the better speed and flight.
  • Playing for unisex

PlayersTome’s Review:-We recommended you to go for any of Nylon shuttlecock for better experience. We included this because of a new arrival and great starting reviews on amazon.

SMT Badminton Shuttlecock Pack

The SMT badminton sports accessories are designed to give you varied choices of colours along with product strength. Their product are made up of Low Torsion. SMT will enable you to play for a longer period of time without feeling exhausted SMT has been provide best quality product to his customer and also maintain quality of product and provide one day & two day delivery to his customer .

Price : ₹ 699


  • Fine & Furnished Quality
  • Made of imported cork base | Round & cutting duck feathers | Excellent flight & balance
  • Pack of 10 Shuttlecocks | Standard practice & match grade shuttlecock
  • Perfect For Competition And Exercise Fitness, Especially For Amateurs and proffessionals
  • SMT is a registered trademark of Shri Mahakal Traders.

PlayersTome’s Review:-SMT is one of the established sport firms known worldwide area for their superior quality gear and accessories. They have made their mark in the field of badminton by producing the best badminton sports gear.

Yup, these are the best shuttlecocks available online. we tried to include everything which you need to know about a shuttle whether it would be speed, material, according to playing level, age groups, temperature and environmental condition. These properties will help you out to choose the best one for you.

Apart from the birds, you will need a badminton racket to complete the game. And we have one honourable mention – “Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racquet”, and if you want to go deep into the details, then here is our guide on Best Badminton rackets Under 3000 which will help you out to choose the best for you.

But what are the things you have keep in mind before buying a shuttlecock?

Here is the list —->

Things to look for, before buying a Shuttlecock Online

  • Feather Or Nylon

    Like we said before if you have control on your shots, directions, power and at the position of the point of impact, then surely feather shuttlecock will be good for you. They are less durable, but better in flying, provide real trajectory, and recovers fast even after a brutal smash. Usually gross and duck feathers are used in their construction.

    While on the other hand, Nylon Shuttlecocks are the plastic shuttles, mostly used in practice seasons even by professional players. While starters or initial level players can occupy them for their everyday gameplay. And increase their playing performance in indoor and outdoor as well. Obviously, because of the plastic material, they are more durable and take 0.02 seconds (In the case of Yonex Badminton birds) more to recover their normal position after the impact.

    Nowadays, design and technique of Nylon shuttles are improving to achieve the same characteristics as of feather shuttlecocks.

  • Environmental Conditions

    Choice of a shuttle also depends on the temperature and the height above sea level, where you are living. In hot weather, the skirt of Badminton shuttles becomes softer which affect their flying performance, while in cold seasons. skirt becomes tight which results in broken (In case of Nylon Shuttlecocks)

    Generally, Badminton birds are classified into three types to make it better in explanation for us:-

    Shuttle Type Temperature
    (In Deg. Centigrades)
    Green Tube Cap 22-33 Slow
    Blue Tube Cap 12-23 Medium
    Red Tube Cap 0-13 Fast
  • Speed

    The speed of a shuttle also varies according to the external conditions like temperature. In the hot weather, the badminton bird will travel faster than the cold environment.

    Another specification of the shuttle is classified into the colour of tube caps. And we have specified Yonex shuttlecock speed colours, still we would like to repeat it for you, The Green tube cap shuttlecocks are slowest, blue ones found on medium speed while the shuttles with red tube cap are fastest and recommended for the colder places.

    The speed of a badminton bird also varies with the altitude, at the higher grounds speed of a shuttle is found a bit faster than the ground below sea level. So according to the common sense we have, you should go for slower shuttles if you are living in some kind of place about sea level, and faster shuttlecocks of speed approx. 78 or 79 are recommended for below sea level areas.


So, this was the complete list of best shuttlecock Brand, Yonex and other as well available in the online market along with some basic and advanced features to have a look on. We classified types of shuttlecock into weight, size, material, colour, flight pattern, age groups, playing level, and different brands like Yonex, Silver, Li-Ning etc, You can also check some needful factors to look on, before buying a badminton bird, are provided by us, just in the above section.

We hope, this information we provided in this entire article will help you out to make a better choice of playable shuttlecocks from thousands available online. Hope you will buy the best shuttlecock and increase your game, techniques, qualities, abilities to score much-needed points from the different position and various shots on the badminton court.

We will say you good-bye, see you soon for the next amazing post with a wish for you to have a good season ahead in the nets. Go, and buy the best among them.

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