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15 Best Yoga Mats In India – 2019

Motivated to be fit, healthy, and live a better life. Then, Obviously, no option is better than, YOGA. And we know that before joining any yoga class, or downloading an Yoga app and practising it at home, you will need a mat. That’s why, after spending lots of time on the online and offline market, after reviewing and using so many products, our team brought out Best Yoga Mats In India, available online in 2018.

We included fifteen best yoga mats of popular brands, and kept lots of technical aspects in our mind like their thickness, length, non-slipping property, textured pattern, material, softness, colour, etc and etc, while this list was prepared.

According to a Yoga expert, a Yoga Mat should be comfortable, but enough hard for slippery yoga poses, it should avoid skidding while you sweat, its length should be a bit greater than your height, it should be easy to roll up so that you can take it wherever you want to, and most important, it should match with your charm and style which will always motivate your lazy mind for some damn yoga stretchings.

Also, its material, padding, wash-friendly character, colours and pattern were considered when we selected these best yoga mats available online till the date of today.

We treat our readers as our family, and you know what folks, family needs recommendations, advice, and guidance where they make a move.

So we thought to recommend you the best yoga mats in India for saving your time to read this entire post. Even if you are just going to start the yoga for the first time, or you are too expert, can bent your feet, arms, and do some impossible moves from your elastic body, or you can be a yoga teacher, The True Mat Reversible TPE Yoga / Exercise Mat should always be the first choice of yours.

Apart from this one, another yoga mat which not only received most positive feedbacks from the regular users but also its cheap price and all the good factors made us include it at the number one position in that list. So don’t think twice, just click – Strauss Yoga Mat Review by PlayersTome and buy it. (Beginners can go for it, because of its low price.)

But what if you’re too choosy? Actually, it’s a good habit. Before investing your money, you should at least look around on the other Yoga mats and some useful factors to have a look on, before buying a yoga mat, which all we discussed in the below section. So, keep scrolling buddy.

15 Best Yoga Mats In India

Yeah, for all those, who wanna look in deep and detailed features of every mat before going to buy it, we brought out the ultimate review guide on best Yoga Mats to help you out to choose the best and classy one for yourself.

Below a list is provided with two most important factors you can look for. But even if these two features are not sufficient to make you find a better exercising mat, then, you only have to click on the name of that yoga mat which best fit with your height to scroll down to their detailed and in-depth features with price, offers, and our personal review about that product.

Have a look-

Yoga Mat Thickness Size
Strauss Yoga Mat 6 mm 5.5 ft x 2 ft
Strauss Floral Yoga Mat 6 mm 6 ft x 61 cm
The True Mat Reversible 6 mm 6 ft x 2 ft
VELLORA Yoga Mat 4 mm 72 in x 24 in
Quick Shel QS-MZH17G2 4 mm 68 in x 24 in
Strauss Yoga Mat 6 mm 173 cm x 61 cm
Iris Yogamat PVC 3 mm 6 ft x 2.5 ft
Curveit Mudra Mat 6 mm 72 in x 24 in
Clear Choice Yoga Mat 6 mm 72 in x 24 in
Strauss Yoga Mat (Yogasana) 6 mm 173 cm x 61 cm
Extra Thick NBR Foam Mat 10 mm 6 ft x 2 ft
AmazonBasics Extra Thick Mat 13 mm 74 in x 24 in
Gravolite Sun Salutation Mat 8 mm 78 in x 36 in
Easypro Fitness Yoga Mat 6 mm 72 in x 24 in
Reebok B21235 Yoga Mat 6 mm 173 cm x 61 cm

Strauss Yoga Mat

If you want the best yoga mat for exercising at home, then Strauss yoga mat, is all you need. Padding in this mat provides more comforts to the users, which helps you to avoid hurting your knees and feet while performing some complex yoga postures. Also, it is designed to prevent you slipping out when you sweat in the mid or end of your sessions.

Mat surface can handle all the pressure during the workout, but it also provides comforts to the joints at the same time. Also, this mat is easy to roll up, to store, and to take it anywhere. Here are more features, you can have a look at:-

Price : ₹ 499 – 899


  • Available in attractive Blue and Grey colour.
  • Anti-skid characteristics and 6mm thickness make it perfect for floor exercises and yoga workouts.
  • Padding and support provided by this mat, help you to perform better.
  • Durable, and washable.
  • For the stable yoga poses, its bottom is designed as non-slip part.
  • In its design, foam material provides comfort, while textured pattern gives some soft message to the joints.
  • Sufficient length – 5.5 ft x 2 ft
  • Ideal For Home Yoga sessions.

PlayersTome’s Review:- If you love to exercise at home then this is the ideal product for you. Even if you are a beginner and just included Yoga in your daily routines, then also this mat is best according to comfort, as well as budget. So, we should advise you to go, and buy it.

Strauss Yoga Mat, 6mm (Floral)

Same features and characteristics as above, like padded comforts, prevent skidding, joints comforts, durable, washable and etc…, just the flowering pattern makes this mat attractive on the beautiful purple colour. Have a look:-

Price : MRP ₹ 1299/-


  • Available in Purple colour and flowering pattern.
  • 6mm thickness, and Length is about 6 ft x 61 cm.
  • Perfect for floor exercises and yoga workouts due to its anti-skid property.
  • Padding increases your performance, and help you to do even some difficult yoga postures comfortably.
  • Durable, and washable.
  • Non-slipping property helps you to keep the balance.
  • Foam material and textured floral pattern provide comfort to the joints.
  • Ideal For Home Yoga sessions.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Yet another great product by Strauss for exercising at home, Great for beginners, and all the pattern lovers, comfort, and all the best features you can consider is just the same as above. Go for it, if you love the designs. And wanna feel that charm and positiveness this mat will provide you every morning.

The True Mat Reversible TPE Yoga / Exercise Mat

Ultra high density of this mat will give you an exceptional feel and comfort at your joints, legs, arms, hips, and back. Also, good grip design of this mat, helps you to stay in a pose a bit longer with lots of balance.

Closed shell pattern helps this mat to stay away from dirt and sweat to keep it odour and germ-free.

Cleaning Tip – Either wipe it with a soft cloth or wash it with mild soap and let the air dry this mat.

Price : MRP ₹ 1499/-


  • Blue coloured mat is available.
  • Thickness is measured about 6mm.
  • Length is found too wide, full size, 6 ft x 2ft. (Extra wide-Extra long). Specially designed for tall people.
  • Slip preventing surface.
  • For extra joint protection and relief, high density cushioning is used.
  • Excellent Grip with comfort.
  • Safer for even pregnant women because of 100% TPE. It contains Neither Latex nor PVC.
  • Foam material and textured floral pattern provide comfort to the joints.
  • Patterns on both side, one side has grooves which face ground for an anti-skid property, while another side has spot pattern, provides soft cushioning and grip to help you balance better even when you sweat.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Don’t just look at the price, but also stare at the qualities of this mat. If you talk about the comfort as well as grip, then we will place this yoga mat on number one on our list. So, just go and buy it, we guarantee you, that you will not regret this purchase 🙂

VELLORA Anti Skid Yogamat – Long Size

With double sided non-slip surfaces, Balance From All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries. Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style. moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.

Price : SALE ₹ 439 – 459


  • Thick mat with specially designed foam protects your knees and joints, absorbs impact, and provides amazing comfort while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance
  • Intense grip and anti-slip property
  • Gently bathe with mild soap and water and a soft cloth; Do not place in washing machine or dryer. Care tips: Please clean before using, clean regularly and keep it dry for healthy using.
  • Comfortably thick for a better woek out experience.
  • Ideal for use on hardwood floors. At 72″ long x 24″ wide
  • Eco friendly product that is safe for your body, mind and spirit. Free from PVC, phthalates, silicone, latex and other toxic materials.100% Non-Toxic And Safe To People.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Good quality, appropriate thickness. High Quality Material Will Prevent Sweat And Dirt From absorbing into the mat, easy To Wash. Have a look at more reviews on Amazon:-

Quick Shel QS-MZH17G2 Yoga Mat Combo

The surface of this yoga mat is textured one which helps to enhance traction to maintain stability in various posses weather it would be warrior one, plank, or downward dog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert yogi, this Quick Shel mat will always bring out the most from your yoga workout.

Price : MRP ₹ 999/-


  • Available in Red colour.
  • Material Used – Eva
  • 4mm thick with the dimensions about 68 in x 24 in, full-size mat.
  • Less thickness makes its weight, light.
  • The textured pattern makes it non-slippy, as well as durable.
  • Easy to wash.
  • It can be rolled and carry anywhere.
  • Box Contains: 1 Yoga Mat, 1 Bag and 2 Pair of Sports Socks

PlayersTome’s Review:-Soft mat, eco-friendly nature, and thick textured strips will help you feel the softness as well as the real pressure on your joints for some extra relief. Good mat overall. Comes with a pair of socks, as well as the bag.

Strauss Yoga Mat 6MM

Not only this, other Yoga mats from Strauss as well fit all the requirements of a Yoga mat. Whether it would be the balance, grip, softness, comforts, and many more features which are discussed below in details:-

Price : MRP ₹ 1299/-


  • Green, Blue, and Orange options are available.
  • Dimensions is measured about, 173cm x 61cm x 6mm.
  • The anti-Skid property will provide you needed stability, and perfection for all the floor exercises, and some damn complexes yoga workouts.
  • For the comforts and support in a different posture, even when you sweat, this mat helps you to maintain the required balance.
  • Foam material, and textured pattern.
  • Easy to roll and store.
  • Durable and Washable.
  • Comes with a bag, which is not too much durable.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Non-slippery, and sturdy, Ideal for home workouts and typical yoga poses. Smell resistive, and a good product to buy. Nice prints and colours availability add some extra weight to the account of Strauss mat features.

Iris 3mm PVC Yoga Mat (Multicolor)

Apart from the thickness of this yoga mat, its weight and length provide unique comforts. And the variety of colours of this mat, are strong, vivacious but not too much bright which actually perfect suits the climate of Yogis. Due to deluxe used, the durability of this mat is more than any other foam mats shown in this article.

Price : MRP ₹ 1113/-


  • Available in various high-spirited colours.
  • Enough length – about 68 in. and extra wide – 2.5 ft.
  • Weight is measured is about 2lb.
  • No-slip yoga mat, 100% PVC.
  • Deluxe durable material.
  • Strong grip
  • Washable.

PlayersTome’s Review:-A good and unique Yoga mat for unique experiences. Quality is good, but the roughness on the surface is a bit more. And we think, a soft surface having a good grip can provide a better comfort than this mat. Still, have a look ahead:-

Curveit MUDRA Non-Slip Yoga Mat

This mat is designed by keeping your daily yoga routines in mind. Curveit Yoga Mat has all the characteristics which you are expecting from a mat to keep you fit and stress-free. Among the two sides of this mat, the one maintains grips for every difficult posture, while another side gives comfort to your knees and joints. Let’s look at other detailed features of this yoga mat:-

Price : MRP ₹ 1499/-


  • Made of memory foam in the thickness of 6mm, which is too comfortable for your joints and also prevent you hurting your knees.
  • It releases all the stress of getting a balance because of its great cushioning.
  • This mat is specially designed for tall people because of its extra length (6 ft), and width(2 ft). Shavasana can be easily performed by even a 6 feet tall person on this mat.
  • The side of this mat, facing ground have excellent grip provides non-slippery performance during the exercise, while another side provides your balance, stability and softness to extended your flexibility in every workout.
  • The top quality foam used as the material in this yoga mat makes it eco-friendly, bad odour free
  • This Yoga mat from Curveit, comes will a carrying strap (over the shoulder) which helps you to carry your yoga friend everywhere you can. And believe us guys, this strong shoulder strap is better than weak yoga mat bags.
  • Washable.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Great cushion, great grip, and overall a great mat. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this mat we can tell you. The thing we want to express out is, GO and BUY it.

Clear Choice Yoga 6mm Thick Double Layer Mat

Dual-layer yoga mat with dual-color is more durable than single layer Mat. Non-slip textures on both sides reduce the risk of falling when you are doing yoga or Exercise.

MRP : ₹ 2,745/-


  • Various colours availability.
  • The alignment lines help to maintain the correct body posture in several asanas (yoga positions).
  • TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. No PVC, no latex, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals.
  • Every Clear Choice Yoga Mat comes with a 100% all natural cotton yoga strap for carrying your mat anywhere easily.
  • 6mm in thickness offers the most comfortable experience for all level yogis.
  • Double layer structure design provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning and non-slip texture, best suitable to practice many forms of Yoga.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Best for starters and expert yoga lovers, Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water. Easy strapping and light weight feature are added to this mat for easy transport and storage. Clear Choice Premium exercise yoga mat is manufactured and sold exclusively by Clear Choice Amazon store.

Strauss Yoga Mat (Yogasana)

The Strauss name comes with good quality, paddings for support, grip, non-slip and anti-skid property which includes this mat all-time best for all homies. The features are same as of the Strauss yoga mat we discussed above, except the colour, design and pattern of Yogasana printed on it.

Price : ₹ 589 – 654


  • Dimension is measured about 173cm x 61cm x 6mm thickness.
  • Friction against floor i.e. high anti-skidding characteristics make this mat one of the most loved mat for floor exercise.
  • Padding and extra supports increase your performance on Strauss mat.
  • Grip and non-slip textured pattern provide better stability even for harder yoga postures.
  • Easy to roll up and transport
  • Durable and Washable.
  • Attractive Yogasana print motivates you to hold a bit more.
  • Comes in a blue colour.

PlayersTome’s Review:-At this price, mark our word, it is the most attractive and durable mat you can get today. Good length, width and thickness to make you stretch more and more for the ultimate yoga experience. Ideal for home yoga sessions.

ExtraThick NBR Foam Yoga And Exercise Mat

Extra thickness adds more to the comfort you feel when working out on this mat. It not only provides the needful grip, and friction against the floor, but also the seller of this mat are so much sure about the goodness of their product that, they will return 100% of your money if you will return this item. Have a look at lots of exciting features:-

Price : MRP ₹ 1399


  • Whether it would be, Toning Workouts, Pilates, or Stretching and Yoga workouts, this mat will not be upset.
  • For all body types, having extra long and extra wide dimensions – 6 Feet X 2 Feet.
  • And extra comforts come with extra-thickness, i.e. 10 mm with marvellous cushioning support.
  • Anti-skid textured pattern surface on one side of the mat, while other side’s smooth surface prevents slide on the ground for better stability in yoga postures.
  • Weight is measured about 900 grams
  • The durable lightweight foam used, which can be washed easily.
  • Comes in attractive bright red colour.
  • Over the shoulder carry strap included in the package included.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Scratch resistive, odourless, and softest one among all in this list. The comfort provided by this mat increase your exercising time and help you to hold a bit more in any hard postures. Just the price is high, otherwise, it deserves five out of five.

AmazonBasics Extra Thick Yoga And Exercise Mat

As per the AmazonBasics characteristics, this mat obeyed every property except its large thickness which gives you more comfort, as well as takes pressure for the better stability and makes you feel every minor scratch with some extra comforts to the joints.

Price : MRP ₹ 1595


  • All around mat, good for all types of Yogas, floor exercise, pranks, pilates and much more.
  • Design of this mat includes, textured surface to increase the grip and makes to help you balance in a better way.
  • Extra thickness obviously provides more relief to your joints and increase your time of holding in a single pose.
  • Also, extra thick layer gives ultimate cushions to your feet when you stand and stretch your feet, and makes restorative poses easy for you.
  • The durable foam, which is used is light in weight but the strong and washable.
  • For taking it everywhere, in the park, on a rooftop, on your home lawn, and any other places as well, the carrying strap is included to make everything easy for you.
  • Apart from the beginners, even experienced yogis can go for it.
  • Dimensions – 74x24x0.5 inches (LxWxH)
  • Various colour availability.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Due to high price rate, we don’t recommend it to the starters. And if the price doesn’t affect you too much, then obviously it the must-buy product, with all good characters every yoga mat should have. Take a look:-

Gravolite 36-78 Sun Salutation Yoga Mat

This sun salutation yoga mats comes in variety of patterns, design, colours, size, and themes, which is made of 100% fresh Eva foam. This foam mat is easy to wash and clean. Other similar characterstics like all yoga mats above include shock absorption, anti-skid surface, and 8mm thick cushions to make you enjoy the safe workout sessions. Also, this type of foam resist water and looks new for a longer period of time.

Here are more extra features you can have a look at:-

Price : MRP ₹ 2759


  • Dimensions are as follows:- 78 inches x 38 inches x 8mm
  • Weight is about 2.05 kg.
  • Available in Red colour.
  • The pure virgin fresh material is used in Gravolite Sun Salutation Yoga Mat, which makes it light in weight and comfortable for floor exercise and yoga.
  • Surface take the pressure and helps you stretch your body to the extreme, and the same time, its softness makes you to workout for longer time.
  • Washable, Easy to clean.
  • All the fitness workouts from pushups, planks, mountain climber, to some complex yoga postures, this mat can be used in all types of floor exercises including mediation as well.
  • Comes with Strap as well as a Bag.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Obviously, its high price makes it suitable for expert yogis, and yoga teachers. Also when the first time you will use it, you can feel some rubber odour, but one time wash with detergent will be enough to remove it.

Overall the great bat regarding its performance, comforts, and grips it provides. Just its price lowered the rank on our list.

Easypro Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

When you do not feel light and comfortable, you can’t concentrate on every minor tensity in your muscles. So for avoiding your knees hurting, and helping you to keep the grip, this high-density yoga mat from Easypro provides enough support and cushioning.

Price : MRP ₹ 1999


  • Thick enough to have a better Yoga session.
  • Designed to give you the best yoga experience possible with its dimension around 72″ Long X 24″ Inches which is suitable for tall as well as short persons.
  • Thickness also protects your knees and elbows. It helps you to just focus on your breathing.
  • Even good for hard floors.
  • The non-slippy surface on both sides of this mat gives you the confidence to perform any move without losing your balance. Textured surface on top restricts feet and hands to slip out of the mat, while some wavy design on the side facing floor provides enough friction against earth to avoid skidding.
  • Perfect for Hot Yoga
  • Light in weight.
  • Even the toughest session or rough use of this mat doesn’t make a single stretch on it because of its designed based on non-tear technology.
  • Due to closed cells on the surface of this mat, it avoids germs, dirt and bad odour.
  • Apart from its durability, it is easy to wash and wipe.
  • Free from all the toxic materials like PVC, Phthalates, Silicone, Latex And Other Toxic Materials.
  • Easy to carry.

PlayersTome’s Review:-The great mat at a great price. Especially ideal for rough and tough yoga sessions and floor exercises like Restorative Yoga or slow-paced Kundalini.

Apart from great material use, great design and thickness, it is for those who are struggling with back pain or knee problems. Go, Buy it.

Reebok B21235 Double Sided Yoga Mat

Obeying all of your demands regarding the features of a Yoga Mat, Reebok brought out B21235 semi-sticky PVC, absorbent yoga mat which provides excellent grip and comfort. Also, apart from easy to roll up and store, this mat from Rebook is the perfect choice for all yogis because of it’s non-slippy and sticky textured surface which provides excelllent stability and posture in all the challenging postures like standing split or the extended-hand-to-big-toe.

Price : ₹ 2,399


  • The branded mat – Rebook.
  • Slip resistive textured surface provides good grips.
  • 6mm thickness, 173 x 61cm size for comfort and full balance stretchings.
  • Double-sided yoga mat.
  • Comes in attractive blue and green colour.
  • Flexibility components adds more in its qualities.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Good for summer and spring use.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to roll and carry anywhere.

PlayersTome’s Review:-Because of its high price, we can’t recommend it to the beginners, Otherwise, if you are a branded person, then this good mat has all the qualities you look for in any other mats. Durable, comfort, washable, soft still enough rough to provide some balance, and much more qualities made us to count this mat in our list, apart from its high price.

Five More Honourable Mentions

Apart from the 15 Best Yoga Mats in India, we can’t stop ourselves to include these five mats in our list, which have equal qualities, performing well, giving good experiences to the users and got enough positive feedbacks by regular users to be a part of this list. Let’s have a look at them:-

Name Dimension Colour
*I-Heir Power Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat 72inch x 24inch x 6mm Blue, Black Border
Premium Double Color Yoga & Fitness Mat 72inch x 24inch x 10mm Sunrise Orange
Iso Solid NBR Foam Yoga Exercise Mat 167cm x 60cm x 15mm Pink or Purple
Hale Purevibe I | 100%Anti Slip|sweat absorbing Yoga mat 6.5 ft x 3 ft x 6mm Hot Red & Mystic Purple
Gravolite 36-78 Dual Layer Yoga Mat 78inch x 36inch x 12mm Orange/Grey

Yup, these were the best yoga mats present till the date of today in the online market. And believe us, none of these products will upset or give you bad experience. So just click on the shop links, and buy the best one for you.

But what if, you want to know some useful factors to keep in mind while buying the best Yoga mat. Here are some, have a look ahead:-

Things to look for, before buying a Yoga Mat

  • Thickness

    The thickness of a Yoga mat is directly related to your comfort. A thin mat can result in hurting your knees or feeling extra pressure from the ground can misplace all of your concentration from the regularities of breaths and stretches.

    The idea thickness of a Yoga mat should be 6mm for a great comfort, enough gap between your complex postures and floor.

  • Weight

    A heavyweight could be less in thickness, but it will make hard for you to carry it in any yoga class, or at your place. You will end up spending most part of your energy in carrying and placing that mat here and there.

    So we recommended you to go for a lightweight yoga mat, which can be thicker than others. Actually, the material used (like foam) makes differece in the weight not the thickness.

  • Material

    Most of us, naturally never ever think about the material used in a yoga mat. Buy in actual, all the stickiness, eco-friendly nature, resistive properties comes from that material. Lots of various options are available, out of which we recommended you to go for a foam yoga mat for better comfort.

    And if we talk about another option, then rubber can make you uncomfortable with its latex property, while more stickiness found in PVC mats.

    The mats we listed about are the best when you don’t have enough knowledge about the materials used. Just go for the best according to your demand, and buy it.

  • Surface

    After the weight, thickness and material, the surface of a yoga mat comes next in our list of useful factors to consider before buying a yoga mat.

    Most of the yoga mats are found in the textured pattern which provides excellent grip, balance, and stability in various yoga postures, while stickiness on the other surface helps your mat to hold the ground when you are at the extreme fo stretchings.

    So analyse, and read the surface description of a yoga mat to go in the deep, and find the best one for you.

  • Size And Color

    Obviously, a yoga mat should be according to your size, you will never want to expand out of the yoga mat for long postures. Choose wisely. Also, in the description we provided about these 15 best yoga mats, we included the size and recommended it to taller and shorter people accordingly.

    While the colour connects to heart, a good and charming colour always keeps laziness away and motivates you to use and perform some yoga on your favourite coloured mat. It counts as the best feeling for all the yogis, touch and holding their favourite colours.


That’s it, we think we tried to include the 15 best yoga mats in India, present in the market till the date of today. We sort them out according to their thickness, weight, the material used, surface, stickiness, colour, size, and price range to help you choose the best one for you.

Apart from the in-depth best yoga mat review, we included some very important factors you have to consider before buying a yoga mat which will help you out every time, whenever you will get confused about what to choose among weight or comfort, grip or pressure, and pattern or colour.

Okay, so now, we will say you goodbye for now, but we will be back again with some more yoga and exercising product reviews, with some tips and step by step guide to help you out to perform any postures. Till that, have good purchase folks 🙂

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