Best Badminton Rackets Under 2000

Best Badminton Rackets Under 2000 – Best Of All Time

Are you looking for the best quality Badminton Rackets in the budget? Then, obviously, you are on the right page. In this complete article, we have sorted out 10 Best Badminton Rackets Under 2000, based on the tries and experience of our badminton community followed by our personal reviews.

We have customized these badminton rackets on the basis of age, playing levels, different varieties, grip size, height, weight, comfort, design, colour, style, durability, and much more factors you must consider before buying a badminton racket.


Honest review, detailed discussion about each and every product followed by our guide on how to choose the best badminton racket makes this article unique, and better than other websites.

Rather than buying best badminton rackets under 2000, if you can extend your budget by just one thousand, then here is the complete in-depth review on Best Badminton Rackets Under 3000.

If not, then don't worry. We have the best in 2k, the best you will find in the online market among thousands available.

We will help you out to choose according to your playing level, different for beginner, best badminton rackets under 2000 for advanced player, based on height ratios, comfort, and perfectly styled to make you win the next badminton challenge, and perform better than ever before.


Everybody who reads out article is family, and family needs help, needs recommendations. So we are providing you that one or two badminton rackets, you can try among these ten best badminton rackets under 2000 in 2019.

So, before you scroll down, and check out the in-depth detailed discussion on the best badminton rackets on this list, we have some recommendations for you.

What if you never bought a badminton racket? What if you never bought a badminton racket online? Nothing is to worry about. We are going to help you in all the way possibles.

If you are a beginner level player - For those, who were just started playing Badminton, or going to start from the end of this week, then Yonex Nanoray Light 9i Graphite Badminton Racquet is our choice because of its very lightweight which will give you access on the controls.

If you are an intermediate Or advanced level player - For a person who knows some tricks and drives in badminton, can go for Yonex Nanoray 7000I Badminton Racquet, which is also the number one in our list.

Budget-friendly (Badminton Racket Under 1000) - Two rackets, a 200i Naylon shuttlecock is a single purchase, makes Yonex GR 303F Aluminum Strung Badminton Racquet budget-friendly favourites in this list of best rackets under 2000.

A shuttlecock in the above purchase, makes us realise, that what if you will need a shuttlecock which should be durable, which must have better-flying qualities and make other needful factors? Here is the solution - Best Yonex Shuttlecock Available Online

If you feel that you should check out all the items at least once apart from our recommendations, and get to know more about these 10 best badminton racquets under 2000, then scroll down and choose the best badminton racket which matches with your requirements.


10 Best Badminton Rackets Under 2000

Here is the complete list of our best 10 badminton rackets under 2000, given with two most important features to consider, and a link to check the price of the product. But if you want to read an in-depth review on a specific product, then click on the name of that badminton racket, and you will automatically scroll down to the desired location.

Have a look ahead -

Badminton Racket Weight Grip
Yonex Nanoray 7000I 90 grams 3 3/4 in
Yonex Nanoray 6000I 88 grams 3 3/4 in
Yonex Gr 201 95 grams 3 3/4 in
Nanoray Light 9i 77 grams 3 3/4 in
Yonex Nanoray Graphite 77 grams 3 3/4 in
Carbonex 6000 Plus 90 grams 3 3/4 in
Li-Ning Racquet 86 - 89 gms 200 mm
Yonex ARCSABER 10i 79 grams 3 3/4 in
Muscle Power 600 90 grams 3 3/4 in
Yonex GR 303F 65 grams 3 3/4 in

Yonex Nanoray 7000I Badminton Racquet

Yonex badminton rackets come with lots and lots of features, including their sturdy handle to help you control the movements easily, a durable frame, and some technical aspects like isometric head shape which helps you to target the shuttlecock at very right place.

This product from Yonex has its own unique features which make it number one and most preferable rackets under 2000.

MRP : ₹ 1,925 (Easily available under 1500 INR)


  • Made of Aluminium alloy makes its weight up to 90 grams which very light.
  • Aluminium Frame with very good string tension around 19-24 lbs
  • Built-in T-joint.
  • The shaft is made of steel.
  • A good grip, size is G4 i.e. 3 3/4 inches.
  • The racket comes with a full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Racket is very good for defensive as well as some hard and tricky smashes. Most recommended for an intermediate level player. Durability is also another positive note about this product.


Yonex Nanoray 6000I Badminton Racquet

Thinner but stronger, light in weight but provides maximum power in swings, and speed. This badminton racket having great features and will be another best choice for intermediate players.

Let's have a look at the more features of another great product from Yonex.

MRP : ₹ 1750 (Easily available under 1400 INR)


  • The frame is made of Aluminium. Durable.
  • The shaft is made of steel, provides better handling.
  • Provides good grip, size is ideal i.e. G4.
  • Built-in T-joint.
  • String tension is about 19-24 lbs.
  • Comes with full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Almost same features as of 7000i, and another ideal product for Intermediate players. Comfortable, availability in attractive colours, light in weight, and sometimes available under 1000, forced us to put this masterpiece on the second number in our list.


Yonex Gr 201 Badminton Racquet, Pack of 2

Set of two, or we would say, a perfect buy for siblings. Because of its size which is an inch smaller than ideal badminton rackets, it is popular among kids of all age groups.

MRP : ₹ 1980/-


  • Light in weight and short size made this product ideal for children. One of the best badminton rackets for juniors.
  • The frame is made of Aluminium.
  • Steel shaft of low torsion is used to provide you with great swing and speed.
  • Slightly thin grip size, with a comfortable holding experience.
  • 1 pair, i.e. two badminton rackets of attractive colours and styles comes inside the delivery box.
  • Both rackets come along with the head cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Smaller size makes it best for kids whether he or she is a beginner or intermediate player. Two rackets at a reasonable price under 1000. Not made for heavy smashes, it is good for casual play.


Yonex Nanoray Light 9i Graphite Badminton Racquet

Number four in the list of best badminton rackets under 2000, and most recommended for the initial level players because of its light weight and excellent grip experience.

Let's find more features about this graphite badminton racket by Yonex -

MRP : ₹ 2790 (Available under 2000)


  • Graphite is used as the main material in the frame as well as the shaft.
  • Built-in T-joint to provide strength.
  • Ideal grip size, i.e. G4.
  • Used of carbon nanotube makes in lighter in weight which is about 77 grams.
  • Colour - Black and yellow mix.
  • String tension is about 20 lbs.
  • The string capacity is between 26 to 28.
  • The racket comes with full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:-Extremely light in weight yet strong, which makes its handling too easy. You can even reply to the opponent's smash because of its lightweight. But for hitting smash, you need to apply a bit more power. Overall a perfect racket for both beginners and intermediate players. Beautiful, and durable. A must try product.


Yonex Nanoray Graphite Badminton Raquet

Again an extremely lightweight racket which is stronger gives you better control on your shots, well balanced, good string tension and helps you to respond quicker on every hard smash from the opponents.

There are more features to explore, let's have a look at them.

MRP : ₹ 2790 (Can get in less than 2000 INR)


  • Both the frame and the shaft are made of Graphite.
  • Light in weight, just 77 grams.
  • Built-in T-joint provides proper balance and strength to the racket.
  • Great swing energy, and power in the shots.
  • String tension is about 25 lbs. (Maximum is 30 lbs.)
  • Comes with a full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Light in weight, good style and colour, available in reasonable price for Intermediate players, good for quick shots, helps you to pick up smashes very quickly, and many more positive factors will surely give you a feeling of dominating the game. A must try product.


Yonex Carbonex 6000 Plus Badminton Racquet

If you love smashing hard every time you get a chance to, then this best badminton racket under 1500 is for you. Good for hard smashing, lightweight, and availability at a very decent price makes this product count in our favourites.

It has lots more features you must check out-

Price : ₹ 1398


  • The aluminium frame makes it light in weight which is about 95-100 grams.
  • Low torsion steel shaft provides better handling controls.
  • Durable racket, having round frame shape which is an ideal condition for smashing racket.
  • Built-in T-joint strengthens the core of the racket.
  • Size of the grip is about 3 3/4 inches i.e. G4.
  • A strung racket.
  • String tension is somewhere between 19-24 lbs.
  • Comes with full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Comfort weight, good grip, and great head shape make this racket idea for smashes which could be used in double games. (for the person who loved to be behind and hit smashes.)


Li-Ning Badminton Racquet

Li-Ning XP 60-II Badminton Racquet has high-quality carbon which makes it light in weight and makes its control easy. Just one product from Li-Ning in our list which is available at too cheap price. we think it is one of the best badminton rackets under 1000.

More features are discussed below-

MRP : ₹ 1390 (Easily available under 1000)


  • Ultra carbon material used to make it lightweight and easy to control.
  • Mixed composition of aluminium and steel.
  • Weight is somewhere between 86 to 89 grams.
  • Ideal for beginner level players.
  • Made for both men and women.
  • The isometric head shape gives you a balanced play.
  • High tensile slim shaft, dynamic-optimum frame increases more in you attacking as well as defensive shots.
  • High string tension for steady and exact shots.
  • Height of the racket is about 26.5 inches.
  • Comes with full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- This much of quality under a thousand rupees, makes this racket a must buy for beginners. Especially for female players, it is an ideal choice. Must try.


Yonex ARCSABER 10 i Graphite Shaft Badminton Racquet

A full graphite racket which delivers high repulsion with lightning movements because of its aero-box frame which minimizes the air resistance, and put all of your arm power into the action, swing and power on the shuttles.

Let's look at more interesting features this product from Yonex have-

MRP : ₹ 2790/- (Available under 2000)


  • Graphite is used as the prime material to make it light in weight which is around 79 grams.
  • Ideal grip size - G4 i.e. 3 3/4 inches.
  • The flexibility of medium in range.
  • Isometric frame design to reduce the sweet spot, and air resistance.
  • String tension of the racket can be between 20 lbs to 30 lbs.
  • No T-joint to make it lightest.
  • Available in the colour combination of Yellow, Black and White.
  • Comes with a full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- Evenly balanced, lightweight, and ability to respond quickly with excellent handling makes this racket as one of the best badminton rackets for a doubles game. Not good for single games, because it will need more power to hit shuttlecock at away areas which will make you exhausted very soon.


Yonex Muscle Power 700 Badminton Racquet

A unique feature about Yonex Muscle Power Badminton racket is that muscle power design technique eliminates stress-load and fatigue because of the contact friction, which helps the racket to make better and tighter contact with the shuttlecock.

Lots more features are discussed below, let's have a look ahead -

MRP : ₹ 2195/- (can get under 2000 INR)


  • The aluminium frame is used.
  • The shaft is made of Graphite.
  • Available - Built-in T-joint.
  • Lightweight, about 90-95 grams.
  • Ideal grip size, G4 i.e. 3 3/4 inches.
  • Strung racket and string tension is about 23-26 lbs.
  • Combination of Blue and Silver colour makes it attractive.
  • Comes with full cover.

PlayersTome's Review:- A bit high in weight, good for smashes, durable, but why to go for this racket, if you have a better choice above. Still, a good product for doubles.


Yonex GR 303F Aluminum Strung Badminton Racquet

Ideal product for beginners, and best badminton rackets under 1000, our budget-friendly recommendation.

Light in weight provides you with better control and accuracy in your shots, there are lots more features to explore, let's have a look -

MRP : ₹ 1,970/- (Available in less than 1500 INR)


  • Don't just look at the MRP, you will get set of two badminton rackets and a 200i nylon shuttlecock pack which makes it the best badminton racket in the budget.
  • The aluminium frame is used.
  • Aluminium shaft.
  • Attractive blue colour adds more in the style of this classy racket.
  • Built-in T-joint for the core strength of the racket.
  • Comes with two full covers, two badminton rackets, and a 200 i shuttlecock pack (set of 6).

PlayersTome's Review:- Two rackets and a pack of the shuttle at this reasonable price, plus quality, durability, light in weight, the comfortable grip makes this product to buy for beginners and intermediate level players.


Top Three Honourable Mentions

Apart from these 10 best badminton rackets under 2000 in India, if you are seeking for more options and variety, then here are three more products, which are new on Amazon, and performing really well in their first week of sells.

Have a look ahead -

Name Weight Grip Size
Yonex Voltric 100 Taufik Hidayat 80 grams 3 3/4 inches
Veera VB-999 Strung Badminton Racquet Set 85 grams 3 3/4 inches
KONEX Graphite Badminton Racquet 85 grams 3 3/4 inches

These are the best badminton rackets in India under 2000 rupees, we have included the best, and hope that this article has helped you choose the one you were desiring for.

Still, we want to share some tips to look for before buying a badminton racket and making a purchase. Read them carefully, and find out what you are missing whenever you go for buying a badminton racket.


Things To Look For, Before Buying A Badminton Racket

  • Weight

    Weight of the racket is the most important factor to consider. A lightweight racket needs more power to smash hard, while provides better handling, A bit heavier racket is the too good and perfect choice for smash lovers in badminton, but it is not easy to respond quickly with a heavy bat.

    Depending on your requirements, you should be very clear what type of Badminton racket you want, and for what purpose. We recommended lightweight racket for beginners of the game.

    Weight of a badminton racket is represented by the symbol, U. Here is the chart from which you can understand how does it vary with grams.

    Categories Weight In Grams
    1U 95 - 100 grams
    2U 90 - 94 grams
    3U 85-89 grams
    4U 80 - 84 grams
  • Grip Size

    Grip size is yet another most important factor to consider, because if you will not be comfortable with the grip of the racket, how will you learn to master the skills or beat your opponents.

    Grip size of the racket is measured by, 'G'. Let's look at the chart to understand it in a better way

    Categories Grip Sizes In Inches
    G1 3 inches
    G2 3 1/4 inches
    G3 3 1/2 inches
    G4 3 3/4 inches
  • Badminton Racket's Height

    Most of the height of the racket available in the markets are ideal. And if you are age above 13 years, you don't need to think about this feature.

  • String Tension

    Harder the string tension, strong is the frame. Great string tension, accuracy in your shots. We have specified string tensions of all the rackets we discussed above. The idea string tension should be between 22 lbs to 28 lbs. All of the above rackets fall in this category.

  • Style And Colour

    Colour and style of the badminton rackets always motivates and gives a feel of the game which helps to play better and improve the games. Generally, players neglect this feature, but the colour of the racket should be one of your favourites and match your charm and style. Some among us love, Red and Silver combo.

  • Budget Friendly

    Quality at the best price. That's the main reason for writing this article. The best badminton rackets under 2000 in 2019, best among all, which fits in your budget. More articles with a different price range will be uploaded soon.



This was it from us. The complete list of ten best badminton rackets under 2000, with our recommendations, in-depth discussion and personal reviews, followed by a complete guide on how to choose a perfect badminton racket for yourself.

Hope it was helpful. Hope it helped you to choose the best racket you were searching for in your budget. Still, if you have any query, or have experienced some better products in this price range, then share all of your words in the comment box below.

We will see you soon, with another masterpiece article to help you and provide you with the best sports deals possible. To stay updated, subscribe to our newsletter and get yourself charged with more sports gossips. Goodbye, hope you have a good purchase.

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