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Vivo IPL 2018 Anthem – Watch The Complete Video

Every session of Indian Premier League is incomplete without the ultimate theme anthem. And we are feeling proud to share VIVO IPL 2018 anthem with all of you. It is the most entertaining one, includes more action, and thrills than those previous IPL songs.

2018 edition of Indian Premier League is starting from 7th April, and we all were truly waiting for the special and most entertaining IPL 2018 song from a long time. But the wait ends, as the franchise released the IPL 2018 theme song on Monday, March 12, 2018.

In the initial stages of creating the anthem, BCCI, and Star India comes together, throws so many ideas on the meeting table, and finally, they came out with the most common thing about IPL, i.e. Best Team and best players compete with each other.

With this phenomenon of Best, franchise came out with the theme, "Best vs Best"

Music, Lyrics And Composition of IPL 2018 Song

The lyrics, music, and the entire video matches with what IPL is known about, A True Cricket Spirit, and Thrill.

From when we all are seeing the Indian Premier League, it takes best out from the cricket, the best leadership by IPL captains, best aggressive play, and ultimate show of fielding, bowling and some damn good catches at the boundary lines.

This theme song of IPL 2018 is directed by Dan Mace, a South African Filmmaker. That awesome music which will force you to dance at the place where you are now is given by Indian music director Raajeev V Bhalla and the energy of vocals you feel in the entire song is sung by Siddharth Basrur,

Siddharth Basrur sang this VIVO IPL 2018 anthem in five different languages, which includes Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada across all the platforms, online, offline, on YouTube, on official websites, TV, and radio channels.

VIVO IPL 2018 anthem

So here is the, "BEST vs BEST", the theme song of IPL 11. Have a look, put headphones in your ears, volume at high level, and repeate it again and again to enjoy this most entertaining song from IPL, which includes all the thrill, actions, fights, catches, sixes, fours, and all the amazing millions of fans around the world.

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