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Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball

Are you also a Cricket addictive like me, or you are proffessional? Do you prefer Leather Balls over some tennis ones? Then maybe you're looking for Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball like thousands on the internet? But now, just take a breath, and stop looking at anywhere else, because here, on this page, we are going to review the best among all the good and better Cricket bats a passionate Batsman can own.

A Batsman can't score runs if he or she is not comfortable with the bats, its grip, weight, height, face, willow grade, edge thickness, handle height, its power, and lots of technical aspects including budget friendly, which we kept in consideration and brought out some Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball among the thousands available in the market.

15 Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball

Cricket Bats we will present here, with the detailed description about the product, and our personal review. are the best, and most stylish Bats present till today, which will make you score your next big score, fifty or a fastest ton, in the first match with them. Their grips will do friendship with your palms, and add something more in your playing level.

So, first let's have a look on the list, and if you wanna read about any product, then click on its name to scroll down to its description:-

Bat Name Weight Age Group
GM Sting 1175-1300 gm 12 or above
SG RSD Spark 1.2kg 10 or above
SG Max Cover 1.2kg 5.2- 5.5 in.
SS Magnum Avg. 1.3kg 6 to Adults
SG Phoenix Extreme 1.3 kg Teenager
DSC Scorer 0.8-1.2 kg 15 or above
Kookaburra Kahuna 40 1.1-1.2 kg 14 or above
SS Blaster Exclusive 1.2 kg 14 or above
SG Cobra Xtreme 1.3kg Adult
NIKE Junior 800-900gm Kids 9-13
SS Custom 1180-1190 gm 4.11-5.4 ft
MRF Genius 1.15 kg Teenagers
SG Nexus Plus 1.1-1.3 kg 11 to 14
SS Master 1.1-1.2 kg 15 or above
AVM 20-20 Splash 0.9-1 kg 10 to 12

Now, let's have a deep look at the Cricket Bats, their info, and features we collected to help you out to choose the best one for you:-

1. GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Unique blend of power and performance including massive edges of the bat lending immense power, makes it the Cricket Bat for Heavy Shots. It has mid to lower sweet spot but still having a great balance fitted with toe guard to prevent moisture get into the bat makes it perfect for aggresive players.

Price : Under ₹ 2000 (Used to be cheaper in amazon sells)


  • Face: Profile round face and well pressed.
  • Scallop: Cut off scalp to achieve the balance and control the Weight of the Bat.
  • Bow: Every bat achieves bow itself during pressing.
  • Spine Height: As per international standard, varies from pieces to pieces to balance the bat.
  • Willow Grade: Medium Grade willow fitted with Singapore treble spring handle.
  • Bat height: 33.4 inch, Bat Handle Height: 11.4 inch, Bat Edge Thickness: 1.25 inch
  • Weight: 1175 to 1300 grams.
  • Suitable For: Season Ball, Ideal For: Senior
  • Unbleached and plain english willow.
  • Lighter pick up for such a powerful bat.
  • Handle made of strong and durable Sarawak Cane, available with full length cover having adjustable strap.
  • Material: Kashmir-willow

PlayersTome's Review:- A great bat for powerful shots, recommended for the age group 12 or above, and completely suitable for beginners. Don't hesitate to buy it, because apart from being in budget. it is a very good, and light weight bat.

2. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

This Cricket Bat is traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots. Light Weight, and good controls makes it best even for drives.

Price : Vary From ₹ 980 - 1,499


  • Available in all sizes (3, 4, 5, 6, short handle.)
  • Weight - 1.2kg
  • Made from budget priced Kashmir Willow.
  • Comes with fabric covered on back and front grains tape and full length bat cover.
  • Thick edges and curved blade for powerful stroke play.
  • The handle is made from premium
  • imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.
  • Willow: Kashmir willow
  • Color May Vary

PlayersTome's Review:-Light Weight of this bat, makes it perfect for well times lofted shot, and drives. Recommended for age group 10 or above. The Best Cricket Bat in cheaper price.

3. SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Apart from the grain faced bat tape which gives it a smooth finish and a stylish look, this bat is good for stable, nice and smooth strokes,

Price : Vary From ₹ 950 - 1,800


  • Available in Different Sizes (5, 6, short handle.)
  • Weight - 1.2kg
  • Most economical Kashmir Willow bat.
  • Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots.
  • Fabric covered for extra durability.
  • The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.
  • Comes with full length bat cover
  • Color May Vary

PlayersTome's Review:-A most recommended one for beginners. Light in weight, and comes with fantastic grip. Along with smooth shots, big sixes can be hit from this Bat.

4. SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat

This Bat can be used for both tennis and leather balls. A good, narrow grip and nice placements for the shot, makes it one of the best in our top five list. Size 2 bat meant for kids of the age group 6-7 years

Price : Vary From ₹ 854 - 3,199


  • Available Sizes - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Long Handle, Short Handle.
  • Weight - Avg. 1.3kg
  • Breathable and hydrophilic coating for reducing any condensation in the garment.
  • Level: Advanced
  • Comes with a scale grip.
  • Bat has concave edges.
  • Specially designed Aqua Grip with Embossed Sunridges.
  • Combination of Sarawak cane Handle
  • Material: English-willow.
  • Blade made of English willow
  • Round Handle
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Cricket Bat

PlayersTome's Review:-If you are a classy player of cricket, and looking for a great product, then this bat is the one for you. Because of its varying size, its number one is our list for kids also.

5. SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

SG's Phoenix Xtreme cricket bat is made with the traditional cricket bat design, with a curved toe, short handle and long mid-blade. The bat is made from superior quality Kashmir willow with thick edges and a curved mid blade, which gives it an overall strong built to perform well in tournaments.

Price : ₹ 1,579


  • Size: Short handle
  • Willow: Kashmir willow
  • Weight: 1.3 kilograms
  • Thick edges and curved blade.
  • Saravak cane handle.
  • Full length bat cover with adjustable strap.
  • Bat weight:1160-1210 gms
  • Grains: Suuny tonny and above- 9-12,Below suuny tonny upto seira 5-8
  • Color May Vary.

PlayersTome's Review:-Nice balance, Distributed, and medium weight. Good bat for Beginners and Professionals. But you need to put more power to hit long shot from this bat.

6. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

This bat can be used with cork as well as leather ball. A nice shape, totally controllable,less handle width, and great grip makes this kashmir willow bat, best for the net practices.

Price : Under ₹ 1,899


  • Willow Grade: Medium grade willow with fibre glass tape.
  • Face Profile: Round Face And Well Pressed.
  • Scallop: Cut Off Scalp to Achieve the Balance and Control the Weight Of The Bat.
  • Bat height : 33.4 inches
  • Bat handle height : 11.4 inches
  • Bat edge thickness : 1.1/4 inches
  • Fitted with Singapore treble spring handle
  • Bat weight varies from 800-1200 grams.
  • Comes with single grip.
  • Best for leather ball play.
  • In the Box: 1 DSC Kashmir Willow Bat, 1 Full Bat Cover.

PlayersTome's Review:-Recommended for beginners but not for teenagers. Age group 15 or above can buy this product, without thinking a bit. Edges are extremely thick. better for decent strokes.

7. Kookaburra Kahuna 40 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Massive big edge, maximise sweet spot, Supreme balance, and a purely leather bat, makes us to count in the list of fifteen best cricket bat for leather ball.

Price : ₹ 700


  • Material: Kashmir-willow
  • Weight: 1100 to 1200 grams
  • Size : short handle
  • Kookaburra’s ‘Super Spine’ profiles adopt traditional shaping characteristics which operate in unison with the ‘Big Edge’ profile of the bat – creating a huge apex, with unrivalled amounts of power throughout the length of the blade and exceptional ‘pick up’.
  • Maximise size of the sweet spot.
  • Bow : Essential for good strokeplay

PlayersTome's Review:-Slim, light, balanced, stylish, even for some nice shots and drives, whatever you good we can say about this bat is not sufficient. So if you are a beginner, or a cricket batsman of your society who scores lots and lots of runs in the park on every evening, then go, pick it up.

8. SS Blaster Exclusive Edition Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Light weight Kashmir willow with very good quality wood, it is definitely the most stylish bat with attractive stickers all over in back, front and sides. It is a full size bat, which can be used with plastic, tennis and leather ball as well.

Price : Under ₹ 1,799


  • Kashmir Willow 5th grade with fiber glass tape.
  • For leather ball play.
  • Bat height: 33.5 inches
  • Bat handle height: 11.5 inches
  • Bat edge thickness: 32 mm
  • Comes with single grip
  • Box content: 1 Bat and 1 Full Bat Cover

PlayersTome's Review:- Before trying it on leather ball, you need to first knock it well with a mallet for better performance. Exteremely recommended for beginners and age group 14 years or above. (Due to its long length, it is not suitable for kids age below 13 years.) It is effective for tall boys of 6 feet.

9. SG Cobra Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Reasonably good ping and good size sweet spot, lightweight, good pickup and reasonable balance, these all in one qualities of this Cricket Bat by SS, has more decent edges, and comes with a full length cover.

Price : MRP ₹ 4,699 (But you will get it almost near 2k)


  • Size: Short handle
  • Willow: English willow
  • Weight: 1.3 kilograms
  • Imported saravak cane handle.
  • Toe protector.
  • Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
  • Bat weight:1160-1210 gms
  • Grains: Suuny tonny and above- 9-12,Below suuny tonny upto seira 5-8.
  • Color May Vary

PlayersTome's Review:-Recommended for Beginners and Intermediate level players. We advice you to put 2nd grip for more good handling. Straight grain, very light, well balanced and nice Bat for hard hits.

10. NIKE Junior Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat G2

Yey, another one in our list for kids. And congrats, you can play with the leather ball as well. Light in weight, this balanced bat is perfect for your child to increase their playing level. According to the age group, recommended sizes are given below:-

Price : From ₹ 1,099 - 1,990


  • 100 percent textile.
  • Ksshmir Willow Cricket Bat for Children.
  • Size 4 : Children between age 9 to 11 years and height 4 feet 9 inches to 4 feet 11 inches.
  • Size 5 : Children between age 10 to 12 years and height 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 2 inches.
  • Size 6 : Children between age 11 to 13 years and height 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 6 inches.

PlayersTome's Review:-A very impressive and reliable product to buy for your child to prepare future's champ. Well shaped, lightest bat for such age groups.

11. SS Custom English Willow Cricket Bat

Decent quality of willow, lightweight and suitable for all round batsmen, good to hone your skills and get their shots right in the nets. Overall a nice bat to play, perfect timing could add four or six in your score board.

Let's have a look at some more features of this product.

Price : Vary From ₹ 1,710 - 5,850


  • Available Sizes - 4, 5, 6, Short Handle.
  • Willow: English willow.
  • Sarawak cane handle.
  • Concave edges.
  • Scale grip
  • Round Handle.
  • Specially designed Aqua Grip with Embossed Sunridges
  • Weight : 1180 -1190 gms

PlayersTome's Review:- Not for beginners, but intermediate players can go for it. Stroking bat, light and balanced weight with good grip, makes it the bat of aggressive players and limited overs.

12. MRF Genius Unique Edition English-Willow Cricket Bat

Light weight makes it suitable to play the shots in every direction on the field. Thik edge adds some more power in your shots, if you wanna go for sixes. And Virat Kohli fans, you have the rights to buy it, because it is the Virat Kohli Grand Edition.

Price : From ₹ 2,584 - 3,300


  • Carefully selected from top of the line jrenglish willow.
  • Light weight bat (1150 gm)
  • The handle is made from premium, imported Sarawak cane.
  • Packing 1 no.
  • Material: English-Willow.
  • Available Sizes - 4, 5, 6, Hallow.
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Cricket Bat

PlayersTome's Review:-Because of the light weight, and availablity in size, put this bat in the account of young aspiring players. Also recommended for beginners.

13. SG Nexus Plus Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Thick edges and curved blade of this product from SG, makes it too good for powerful strokes. It is also light weighted, stylish and very handy bat, made of high quality of wood which is even good for hard strokes.

Price : Vary From ₹ 1,059 - 2,149


  • Made from high quality kashmir willow.
  • Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots.
  • Thick edges and curved blade for powerful stroke play.
  • The handle is made from premium, imported saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.
  • Comes with a full length plain bat cover with adjustable strap.
  • Actual weight of bat may vary slightly.
  • Comes with a full length padded bat cover with adjustable strap.
  • Weight : 1.1kg to 1.3kg
  • Size - 3, 4, 5, 6, Short Handle.
  • Color May Vary

PlayersTome's Review:-Another amazing product from SG, highly recommended for beginners, and age group, from 11 years to 14.

14. SS Master Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Another Light weight short handle bat, crafted for entry level cricket to improve their timings. Because of Its full size, its not suitable for younger cricketers.

Price : MRP ₹ 1,350


  • SS Master Cricket Bat
  • Kashmir Willow
  • Full Size
  • Short Handle
  • Weight - 1100 - 1200 gm
  • Balanced bat

PlayersTome's Review:-Because of its full size, only taller players can enjoy some perfect strokes from it. Good middle strength, but edges are weak. Not for proffesional tournaments.

15. AVM 20-20 Splash Cricket Bat

The most stylish among all in this list, this bat is yet another for the kids viewing this page. Go, have a look, we're sure, it will match with your charm and style.

Price : From ₹ 401


  • Recreational Playing Level
  • Age Group 10 - 12 Years
  • Size-5
  • Weight Range 900-1000 g

PlayersTome's Review:-AVM Splash 20-20 Blue Tennis Cricket Bat is of good quality apart from its attracking design, shape and light weight. A good product to buy for street and park play. Recommended for age group below 15 years.

That's it, these are the Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball available in the market today, we tried very best to brought out the best among all, with a little bit product info, features to look for, and our review about the product to help you to choose the best one for you, or your loved ones.

Things to look for, before buying a Cricket Bat

  • Bat Size - The first thing you will notice about the bats, is, their size, You should meaure it with your height, and go with the most comfortable one. Here is the size chart for you, based on player's height, and age:-
  • Bat Size Age Player's Height Bat Length Width
    1 4-5 Years Old Up to 4ft 3" 25 1/4 in. 3 1/2 in.
    2 6-7 Years Old 4ft 3" - 4ft 6" 27 3/4 in. 3 1/2 in.
    3 8-9 Years Old 4ft 6" - 4ft 9" 28 3/4 in. 3 3/4 in.
    4 9-10 Years Old 4ft 9" - 4ft 11" 29 3/4 in. 3 3/4 in.
    5 10-11 Years Old 4ft 11" - 5ft 2" 30 3/4 in. 4 in.
    6 11-13 Years Old 5ft 2" - 5ft 5" 31 3/4 in. 4 in.
    Harrow 12-14 Years Old 5ft 5" - 5ft 8" 32 3/4 in. 4 1/6 in.
    Short Handle 15+ Years Old 5ft 8" - 6ft 3" 33 1/2 in. 4 1/4 in.
    Long Handle/Blade 15+Years Old 6ft 3" and above 34 3/8 in. 4 1/4 in.
  • Shape - Based on shapes, Cricket bats are devided into three types:-
    1. Low Profile - If you love to play shots on the ground (Like Sachin Tendulkar), rather than hitting huge sixes, then this type of bat is for you.
    2. Mid Profile - For excellent control and balance in your shots, you can go for this bat, which will be lilttle heavier than lower profiles.
    3. High Profile - A thick edge, and more concave shape is required if you want to clear the fence all the time. Yes, if you are an aggressive player, then go for this type of bat. It is the most weighted bat among over all.
  • Weight - The more heavier the bat will be, you will lack in the playing techniques. So, if you're not a bit expert of your game, an initial level player, or younger in age, then you should go for a light weight bat. Also, the more power in your shots is directly proportional to the weight of the bat. So if you are a big expert of your game, then go with your own choices to bring more thrillness in your shots.
  • Grains - Grains are the verticle straight lines you see in a bat. The more grains will result in better bat performance, and great willow quality. According to proffesional level players, you should always go with the bat with more grains.
  • Sweet Spot - Sweet spot is the place, where your cricket bat will have the widest part, i.e. on the round profile level. So, choose the place of sweet spot on the bat, where you mostly hit the ball. if will not only bring more power in your shots, but also help you to explore more of your techniques.
  • From The Ball You Wanna Play - If the ball you are playing is more hard than anything else, like cork or leather ball, you will need a bat of strong material, and larger sweet spot. But you only play for some entertainment from the tennis balls, then you can go for the cheaper ones.


Yes, that;s it, including the list of best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball on the basis of size, weight, material, grains, sweet spot, shape, edge width, age groups, playing level, and different brands like GM, SG, SS, MRF, DSC, Kookaburra and etc, You can also check some needful factors to look on, before buying a Cricket Bat, are provided by us, just in the above section.

We hope, this information will help you to pick up the best Cricket Bat to add some more techniques, qualities, and thrill in your game. Hope you have a good season ahead in the nets. Go, and buy the best among them.

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